Importance of Social commerce

Today we have stepped from ecommerce to scommerce. Social commerce is all about the people and social power. Social sharing things likes, tweets, share all these enriches the product demand. A statistics report says that, 75% of shopper who read social sharing comments and feedbacks have clicked on the product link in the post which landed in product page of retailers website. 53% out of those shopper who clicked through retailer page have made the purchase. Today social sharing are very much valuable which creates a cycle of sharing and buying thus process goes on.

Social commerce includes customer feedback, comments, rating option, like/dislike button, review recommendation, refer friend option, forum community, etc. As everybody knows social commerce was introduced in November 2005 by Yahoo.

A small statistical report on social commerce -

*   Social commerce sales are expected to bring in $30 billion each year by 2015
*   Facebook drives 26% of referral traffic to business websites
*   It is said that 20% of shoppers prefer buying products through a brand’s Facebook page compared to its website.
*   Nearly 10 million registered small businesses have a Facebook presence.
*   89% of agencies use the social network to advertise for their business clients.
*   Small businesses believe Facebook is a valuable marketing tool for their brand.
*   Today there are millions of pages on face book, many of which are used for business purpose

All these point revels the importance of social media sites. Today customers are using this social media channel not only to increase the social circle, also to get review of the products before purchasing. This platform helps in enhancing word of mouth publicly. Thereby helps in increasing the sales conversion.

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How to boost up your sales on ecommerce website

The key of getting customer to purchase online is by having an ecommerce software website that attracts the visitors and engage them to stay on site. The products must be show cased in an orderly manner. For building a smart store even small things has to be considered.


Here are some ways to boost up conversion rate -

1. Keep easy navigation – In an ecommerce software website each category and sub category must be clearly displayed. Customer must feel easy to navigate to any of the pages any time. Proper display of the product image is must. The image photography must be attractive.
2. Have a search bar – Even though the site is easy to navigate. It is always better to have a search bar option. A convenient way for the visitor to find what exactly they want.
3. Keep your site as simple as possible – Note that Buy now or Add to cart button must be clearly visible to the customers. It must not be like they have to search for these buttons. All these are best way to enhance sales.
4. Give more details – Provide all the basic details what ever the customers expects like size, color, availability of the product, it would be even more better if you provide some comparison for the product pricing.
5. Show casing your product – Spend some time for show casing your product. It must be appealing and eye catchy. Providing the best photography ensures in attracting the customers.
6. Other features – Present their purchase in form of gift. Make your customers feel excited to do shopping frequently here. You can even give your customers some complements or some discount coupon for the next purchase.
7. Ecommerce site to be browser friendly – Sites that runs well on multiple browser can drive more traffic to the website. All these are better way to increase the sales.


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Four Ways To Make Your Ecommerce Site Appealing

Today ecommerce has revolutionized the business world. Most of the customers have moved to online shopping and the demand for it is booming day by day. A statistical report says that US customers spend around $ 1,200 – $ 1,300 per years and it is expected to get doubled by 2016. Just make your ecommerce site visually more appealing. It is definitely the future of sales. The fact about ecommerce site is that no body wants to shop at an unattractive or unintuitive online store which is very simple and straight. So focus on making your site attractive and online display should encourage the customers to come into the store and look for the product.

Ecommerce landing page must encourage customers to buy. Here are four ways to make your ecommerce site as appealing as possible.

1. Demanded products, good layouts
2. Scale and flow
3. Say no for too much of dynamic code
4. Don’t forget mobile


Demanded products, good layout – The foremost thing is to focus on making a beautiful layout for an online store. Ask your designers to design it in a such way that, the product display must be cleanly lay-outed with best photography.

Scale and flow – It is nothing but creating an hierarchy of what information are important on the store, which has be displayed first. Beldam says “Make call-to-action buttons stand out by being bright and colorful — they’re what you want your users to click the most.”

Say ‘ no’ for too much of dynamic code – In case of incorporating dynamic code into an ecommerce website make sure that you use it wisely else say big no for it. Javascript and HTML 5 would do wonders in enhancing your online layout.

Don’t forget mobile – Mobile commerce the most fastest growing thing. It is said that 25% of search traffic comes from mobile device. M commerce is the next step for online shopping so get ready for it.

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Starting an online store

Today staring an online store has become even more simpler. Here are some points to be considered before starting an online store, purchase a good domain name, web host, shopping cart script, payment gateway, product image and have descriptive content for the image along with the price and buy now button. Make your site perfect from SEO point of view so that your site get listed when typed in search engine.

For starting an online store, you must first have a business plan. Which includes finding the business competition, who your customers are ? what are you going to sell online ? Always have a good deal and many more. The product you sell must be reliable and it must have a good demand in the market. Make sure that everything is perfect right from product display to inventory management. Moreover the main thing to note is that, the prices for ecommerce software has come down so that, you needed not have to spend more. Check out your competitor for other new updates. There are lots of third party integration now you can update and ensure to run store smoothly online. You can start acquiring you customers by having your face book page, referring friend option,etc. Keeping engaging your customer with new products and offering. Have connect with blogger, twitter, google analytical tool etc to measure your site traffic and to calculate the purchases.

What we do after online store is ready ?

Add products

Select payment gateway integration

Design your website

Manage your store

Start selling online

Five tips for starting an online store -

Do thorough research

Carry out online transaction

Have a good marketing plan

Offering postages and others

Website must be simple and neat to use

Get ready to trade….

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ecommerce trend 2013

The fine ecommerce site has an ability to define customers expectation and then proceed to delivering . ecommerce software industry continues to grow.

According to Gartner

” Gartner estimates the market size of e-commerce software, including commercial services from the cloud, is $3B in 2013 ”

” Gartner sees mobile, social and globalization being the three compelling reasons why e-commerce product strategies need to be re-evaluated today”.

Rise of M commerce -

According to google analytics over 57% of visitors are using mobile device. Later slowly the ecommerce firms started to invest in mobile platform. As they are the best positioned to capture todays market share.

Responsive Ecommerce -

We all would have heard about responsive design which is in way same as responsive ecommerce. e-Merchant giving instant respond to the needs of the customers. Its adapting to the changing demands of todays market.

Delivery battleground -

Retailers focus on improving end to end order management, which improves the customer satisfaction.

Focusing more on social network integration -

Ecommerce will become even more intensive with social networking. As we all know social media has a way to interact and market to customers. Social media channel like face book, twitter, etc allows to explore new avenues.

Personalization -

Personalization is the key to deliver great customer experience. Generally it is said that about 59% of the consumers expects to be notified when their frequently purchased item is on sales. Just an email, sales alerts or some interesting offers attracts the customers.

Updated content -

Always have an updated content. Product description, sales promotion, other news, etc has to be new. Do some creative things which can easily attract online store visitors. Even you can run an ecommerce business blog, forum or latest column to keep updated.

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