Strategies to Re-market on Cart Abandoned – A Bonanza for Retailers

In this 21st century, online shopping is the most preferred medium for the customers to buy and sell products easily. Evidently, with increasing majority of people accessing the internet, the online buying has become very common among the people.

The shoppers login into the ecommerce site, browse through to find their required product, pick the product and add it to the cart, provide address, select mode of payment, furnish card or other details to pay, and finally confirm the invoice to complete the purchase formalities. In the above said process, people may set back and abandon the site at anytime.

Shopping cart abandonment rate is nearly 65.23% which covers up to $3 trillion lost revenue. Among them, 74.1% is consumer electronics, 71.9% is style & fashion, 75.7% is food & drink, 65.7% is health & beauty, 69.8% is home furnishing, and 69.1% is sporting goods.

Why Shoppers abandon site?

There may be plenty of reasons which may force the shop keeper to abandon the site. Around 56% of the shoppers encounter unexpected cost. For example, they select a product to buy and then later on additional charges are included during the payment process which make the shoppers to abandon the site.

On the other side, 32% find the product to be overpriced. Mostly, 37% of the shoppers were just a browser who visited the site simply to know details. About 36% of the people find a better price elsewhere in the market. 26% of the people simply don’t want to buy the product currently.

Interestingly, 25% of the people feel the site to be more complicated to browse and find the desired product. There are notable reasons where 24% of the shoppers experience website crash. The process of payment security made 16% to deviate from the site. Also 15% encounter website time out while they decide to buy the product. Nearly 13% of the shoppers left the shopping cart because of foreign currency payment. Only 11% of shoppers present their problem as payment decline.

How to reduce cart abandon rate?

1. Display rate at beginning: The total cost of the product with all the shipping cost etc., can be displayed well before the shopper clicks the buy button. This removes the ambiguity of the buyer to choose the product for purchase.

2. Compelling offers: In order to attract the shoppers, the site can provide plenty of offers and discounts which may attract the people. This can reduce the rate at which the shoppers abandon the site when compared to other similar site. Discount offer provided for next time purchase can convert the repeat customer.

3. Include reviews: By presenting the reviews and market analysis of the product on the site, a major percentage of the customers can be retained on the site. People believe on reviews and get tempted to make a purchase.

4. Assure security: People get the notion that their private secured information like credit card details may be unsafe on the internet. It is the primary duty of the shopping cart to ensure complete security for the site by like adapting to PCI secure. It should be communicated to the shoppers that the information collected from them is safe and will be used for internal purpose only and will not be shared with others.


A large amount of income can be retrieved by focusing on abandon rate of the shopping cart. Performance of the site can be improved by retaining more shoppers on the site as well as financial status can be improved. Some of the methods to follow for reducing abandonment rate of shopping carts are discussed below.

1. Email Marketing: Mails can be sent to the customers intimating their incomplete process of buying on the site. Apart from reminder mails, the customer can be motivated to buy by providing discounts and offers. Study reveals that nearly 3% to 11% recovery rate is possible for each month. Nearly 48.1% of basket abandonment emails were opened and 33.3% of these clickers went to purchase the product for Q4 2013.

2. Search engine re-marketing: Google adwords can be helpful for motivating the shopper to buy. For example, when the user abandons the site, an ad can be placed elsewhere (a cookie) where the shopper visits by focusing and directing him to the shopping cart to make a purchase.

The biggest challenge faced by the shopping cart is abandonment during the buying formalities. This can be reduced by focusing on shipping cost, discounts, offers, better site security etc. Converting the abandonment rate into sales can fetch huge income for the retailers.

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How to Move the Stagnant Inventory into the Market?

Stagnant inventory is one of the major challenge faced by most of the businesses due to many reasons such as low demand, high competition, heavy cost, damage, returns, and much more. The ROI of the company can be affected by the stagnant inventory. In most of the bigger companies, there are permanent staff who handle stagnant inventory and study on how to move them into the market. Here I have taken a small initiative by discussing about some of the ways by which the inventory can be moved into the market.

1. Group buying sites

One of the notable solution for moving the inventory is by approaching the famous Group buying sites. Group buying is the concept where people can buy products at huge discounts when more number of people are ready to buy the same product at the determined low price than in the market. The company can post the products for group buying in major group buying ecommerce sites such as Groupon, Amazon, Living social, eBay etc. Sales can be improved by offering discount offers while moving bulk inventory using group buying sites.

2. Host own group buying site

There are many group buying scripts including groupon clone sites available in the market. The company can buy the scripts and run them to build a robust site to handle the inventory. The group buying site can also be integrated with the existing ecommerce site which helps to maintain the enterprise identity.

3. Coupon posting on sites

The company can generate offer coupons for the products or service and can display them in various coupon sites like, RetailMeNot, ShopAtHome, DealsPlus, Gilt, etc. The customer can select the coupon and print them to avail the discount offer at the shop.

4. Auction

Conducting auction on the site is one of the best possible alternative to move the inventory. Bulk sale is possible via auction which allows the user to buy products at lower price than in the market while moving the stagnant inventory quickly and easily. There are plenty of auction websites like eBay, eBid, ePier, Quibids, AuctionFire etc., where you can register to sell the products. The organization can also build their own auction site using the scripts available in the market by integrating the auction site with the existing ecommerce site.

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Group Buying Script – Bi-fold Buying Resulting in Break-even Business

The concept of group buying is fast spreading across the market. It is a simple e-commerce setup wherein both providers and consumers receive benefit based on bulk discounts on group buying. This concept has helped both B2C and B2B market to make profit.

Benefits for B2C market

A B2C market becomes successful based on getting the best value for consumer’s money, driven by emotion, product driven purchase, and brand loyalty. Group buying sites publish the complete product information, fixed prices etc., which makes the public to prompt for a purchase. The group buying script provides an easy option for the consumers to make an online purchase option. The estimated number of people who have ever bought a daily deal is 26 million+. Infact, women buy more vouchers from more daily deal sites than men on average.

Market for B2B group buying

Small and mid-size business is greatly benefited by group buying site since they can sell huge volumes without any additional expenses. Group buying reduces operating expenses while the profit margin is increased. Groupon clone scripts which builds group buying site is one of the successful B2B solution providing the base for the businesses to spread their deals. It is equally beneficial for both consumers and business since providers get revenue while consumers receives discount.

Group buying for hotel business

An unoccupied hotel room is of no worth. For this reason, hotel companies are ready to reduce the price in order to fill in the rooms. Group buying is very much useful for this purpose since it allows for bulk booking of rooms at reduced cost which meets the profit margin of the hoteliers who also provide packages like extra-night-free-deals. The hotel companies also tie up with other travel agencies who provide packaging the rooms with flights and rental cars.

Group buying for restaurant business

Restaurant business attracts the people by providing discount offers for the best cuisine in the menu. If the customer is impressed by the food, then he may even pay the full rate next time to enjoy the food. On the other side of the coin, group buying deals provides an opportunity for every customer to enjoy many types of food such as Italian, Continental, Mexican etc at affordable pricing.

Group buying Script

Group buying has now become a booming business opportunity for all types of businesses to increase their sales by providing best offers to the customers. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter is also helping to spread group buying deals. There are multiple groupon clone script available in the market which helps to build most impressive group buying site which may attract more consumer into the site and double the revenue. It is very much essential to choose the best script with maximum features such that it becomes very easy to manage the business with less efforts.

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6 Ways to Sell Your Old Stocks like Hot Cake?

One of the major concern that is addressed by most of the business is ‘Old Stock.’ Businesses are continuously finding new ways to distribute their old stocks. Some of the proven methods to sell the old stocks are discussed below.

1. e-mail campaign.
One of the oldest and reliable method for promoting the old stocks is email campaign. Regular newsletter can be sent to the subscribed customer by including the details of stock sale announcement with special discount and offers. Care should be taken such that your mail is read by the end user. The email should be compelling to engage the customers when they read the mail. The user may be motivated to respond to the mail with call-to-action links.

2. SMS alert.
Mobile being one of the close companion to most of the customers, one can send SMS alerts about the stock clearance sale. The SMS can be sent to the customers at particular region nearby the stock sale venue such that results are more reasonable and motivating. People may be tempted to buy products which sounds attractive and cost effective. Discounts and offers can be announced via SMS which will never miss from the eye of the customer.

3. Mobile push notification.
The mobile users can receive push notification without even opening the application. This is very useful for promoting the stock clearance. Notification pops up on the screen with sound which may bring it to the notice of the customer. Hence your beeping messages and promotion will be most likely seen by the customers.

4. Social media site.
Now-a-days social media is dominating the business world with their ease to communicate with group of people. There are many social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, Pinterest, Etsy etc which has different concept to promote or share information. Businesses can rightly target the social media to spread the information of sale quickly and cost effectively since most of the social media is free for usage. The information about stock sale can be easily spread across social media which spreads information rapidly.

5. Post coupons through popular coupon sites.
Special discount or offer coupons such as group buying deals can be planned for stock clearance. It can be helpful to move stocks as bulk. These coupons can be placed on several sites such that user’s attention is grabbed. Group buying deals is one of the reliable source for stock clearance since people get huge discounts.

6. Offering loyalty programs.
Loyalty programs are one of the structured and trustworthy method for managing the clearance of stock. The trust of the people can be gained by offering them loyalty programs based on their buying behavior. People can be encouraged to spend more by providing them rewards & recognition, point based system, tier system reward, exclusive offers etc.

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Yet another innovation from Uniecommerce – The UniEnterprise

Uniecommerce is on the brim of releasing UniEnterprise which has advanced features that are favorable for promoting the products in the ecommerce store apart from handling deals, products, and auction under one platform.

The UniEnterprise is very much favorable for multi-merchandising since it manages the sale of products, deals, as well as conduct auction flexibly in a single platform. Multiple stores can be handled using UniEnterprise. The opportunity for sale is increased since customers find their search, all in the one site. There is no limit on number of vendors. The stores are mobile responsive which can increase the sale on the site.

UniEnterprise is a newer approach to enhance the sales by introducing various methods to improve the sales on the site. Some of the features included with UniEnterprise which can increase the sales and retain the customers are discussed below.

1. Inventory management

Main requirement of the ecommerce site is inventory management. The site is stable for handling huge unlimited inventory.

2. Shipping and delivery

The success of the ecommerce site depends on how it handles the shipping and delivery. UniEnterprise manages the shipping & delivery properly up to the satisfaction of the customers with good control in the back end to manage delivery.

3. Coupons and gift certificates

The UniEnterprise generates coupons and gift certificates which can be availed by the customer. It can also be sent to other friends or relatives of the user which makes it easier for the user to share coupons.

4. Loyalty programs

UniEnterprise provides best platform for the ecommerce organization to encourage sales by including loyalty programs. Customers can be made loyal to the enterprise with special offers and discounts.

5. Shop by brand

The user can search the ecommerce site based on brands. The UniEnterprise allows to build a brand image by allowing shopping based on brand names.

6. Affiliate Management

The ecommerce site built using UniEnterprise includes affiliate management. The deals can be posted from other affiliate sites which can increase the customer flow and sales on the site.

The upcoming product, UniEnterprise, has all the features that may be favorable for conducting an ecommerce business successfully as well as promote the business with prime features such as loyalty programs and shop by brand etc. Choosing one product can give you multiple solutions. The UniEnterprise will be available in the market by the end of June 2014.

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Memorable 6th Anniversary and 7th Inaugural Day for NDOT

….and the roses falling down and cheers all around, we are happy to welcome the 7th Inaugural day of NDOT Technologies. It has been a memorable moment every year as we step into the next dimensions of business world with wide hands to embrace innovations. It is a pride moment for the 150+ Ndotians to be a part of the organization which has its wings spread around the world in UAE, USA, and India.

At this happiest moment, NDOT remembers every customer, partners, employees, and associates who had been supportive for flourishing the business and taking it to new heights. Our customers have been very motivating for us to deliver contemporary products. Our 6 years of truthful service has given us the fruit of delightful and loyal customers.

The company has more than 12+ professionally developed ingenious products. We have powerfully designed multiple solutions across all industrial verticals. NDOT provides the industry-best mobile application development services and quality-acclaiming web development service. Our success is build with each foot of painstaking efforts put forth by developers, designers, testers, and other associates.

NDOT Technologies celebrates the moment with promising projects in the future. We have plans to shift most of the products into cloud computing (SaaS based) while concentrating on tours & travel, restaurant, and real estates. The most prospective product of NDOT, the Uniecommerce, will be shortly releasing the Enterprise Version which will be a pivotal occasion for us.

Remembering this valuable occasion of 6th Anniversary day, we dream forward on the 7th Inaugural function wishing prosperity and success.

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How Group Buying is Useful for Business?

There are about 1000+ Groupon Clone in the market. There is good surge in the market for group buying sites which provides huge discounts to the customers across multiple industrial verticals from restaurant to Spa. The group deals become active when certain number of people are ready to buy the products at the available rate within the ticking time. When the number of persons join, then the deals becomes active, otherwise deal is closed. There are lots of advantages for the Group buying business and some of them are discussed below.

Attracts customer:

Since the main function of Group buying site is to provide huge discounts to the customers, it attracts more new customers into the business. People may be attracted with 50% to 90% discount offer which push the sales on the site.

Product introduction:

New product can be introduced to the customers with discount offers via group buying deals. It helps for building brands as well as gain recognition in the market. People tend to revisit the site again and again when they are impressed with the offers.

Social media influence

More number of people can be attracted to the site using the social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The group buying sites promote referral programs which encourage the customers to refer others to the site to earn referral income. This can keep the people engaging as well as attached with the site as they get income without much difficulties.

Move inventory:

The group buying site allows the sale of bulk products. Also, the products that are slow moving in the market can be sold easily via group deals. Inexpensive products can attract the crowd. Mostly, the deals related to restaurants, food, and travels have huge welcome in the crowd.

Mobile deals

The deals can also be availed by the customer via mobile which makes it flexible for user to buy products. They can browse the deals via smartphones and make a purchase quickly and cost effectively.


Group buying scripts are available in the market which allows to build group buying sites quickly and manage a hassle-free business. The site allows to manage the inventory and support multiple payment gateways. One can also build groupon clone site that supports multiple currencies and language. Hence groupon clone script helps to build a functional ecommerce business online which can increase the sales potential. Group buying site can be worthwhile to make a profitable business.

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Do We Really Need Social Commerce?

Earlier when ecommerce was ruling the business, there were many methods adapted to influence the business sales. Regular newsletter were sent to the customers. Attractive image of the product was included along with call-to-action buttons. Brand names were established by creating awareness of the product/service via emails, blogs, and forums. The site was optimized with SEO promotion and much more. Inspite of all the above methods, social media made a major contribution in promoting the products.

Introduction of social media into ecommerce opened a new channel for marketing. A study reveals that around 75 % of socially-generated e-commerce sales in 2013 came from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. A majority of consumers now use social media to guide their purchases. About 4 in 10 social media users have purchased an item in store or online after sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. About 39% of Facebook users like brand pages to research products.

U.S. consumers are expected to spend an eye-opening $327 billion online in 2016. Facebook allows users to build brand awareness. They are also used for replying customer queries and promote seasonal sales. The Facebook page is also used for running ecommerce store which has more advantages. The YouTube help to create short and quirky videos in order to provide face to brands. Twitter keeps the customer engaged with tweets and sharable hashtags. Pinterest provides exclusive merchandise and organize previews. Each social media has its own advantages in promoting the sales and establishing social commerce.

Customer base can be increased using social media by marking an online presence in the market. The visibility of your products on social media can be increased. People may like or follow the product which can create product awareness in the public. Your business shared is your business doubled. Blogs and other online contents can be useful to share products on social media. The company has to simply impress one customer who can bring in more loyal customers. Specific demographics can be targeted by social media.

Some of the basic features of social media which impacts the social commerce include

* Can generate free website traffic
* Engage people with visual appearance
* Keep the customers happy
* Repeat customers
* Search-engine favorite social media
* Low marketing cost.

The social media creates a brand awareness about the product quickly and cost effectively. The customers may get influenced by the media for decision making. A good customer relationship can be built by providing loyalty via social media. As per statistics, 74% of customers rely on social media to guide their purchases. There is wide opportunity for social media to influence buying pattern of customers via social commerce.

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How Do Social Media Influence Online Shopping?

Social media has become an inseparable part of our life. Apart from the purpose of communication, the social networking sites play a key role in the field of ecommerce, perhaps mobile commerce. Around 64% of smartphone users shop online using their devices. The attitude of people to recommend or place likes on the product has become an unbiased opinion for the social media users to buy products. A study reveals that more than 78% of the companies’ social media pages create a great impact on their purchases.

The most influencing social media is
Facebook which contributes about 30.8% of purchases,
while Youtube and LinkedIn follows with 27%,
Google plus 20%,
Pinterest 12% and
Twitter 8%.

(Click the below image)

Socializing Ecommerce Infographic

Major product categories for social-to-sale purchases include food & drink 26% in Pinterest, 14% in Facebook, and 13% in Twitter. Purchases related to art & design count to 21% in Pinterest, 5% in Facebook, and 9% in Twitter.

From the consumers side, around 71% of them are more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals. Infact, 45% of the online shoppers have bought something which they otherwise would not have bought in person. If the online shop provides free shipping, then 96% of people are likely to make a purchase. Around 87% are likely to shop on a site if it provides free returns. Rarely

62% return the items bought online. The main motivating factor for the online shoppers to make a purchase is positive customer review and retailer’s description. The affect of negative customer review is comparatively meager on users to buy something online. A study reveals that 4 out of 5 people shop online for a broader selection, 2 out of 3 shop online because it is cheaper, and 7 out of 10 shop online for better sales and promotions.

Some of the common social and community tools that impact buyers include
Customer reviews (59%),
Question & answers (42%),
Internet forums (26%),
User-generated videos (15%),
Facebook fan page (13%),
Facebook newsfeed (13%),
Mobile (9%) and
Twitter (9%).
People use the social media to find different needs which makes life simple.

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Your Social Media Contacts can Win You More Mobile Commerce Sales

Way back when e-commerce was introduced, retailers found the new medium to bring in more business and sales. Study reveals that the US online retail sales are expected to hit $370 billion by 2017. Later, the mobile commerce became very user-friendly and attracted more number of sales just with few clicks on the mobile.

Why Social Mobile Commerce?

Adding more light to the mobile commerce, the introduction of social media doubled the chances of sale. It is interesting to note that, almost 20% of online purchases are accomplished after surfing through social media sites. People found it very reliable and trustworthy when near and dears recommended a product on social media which led to increased sales. One of the other impeccable reason for people to believe in social mobile commerce is that they could find better prices and better values.

Social Media Influence

In 2013, 35% of the world online was influenced by social media where there were about 340 million tweets/day and one billion Facebook users. Businesses are utilizing the social media as part of their marketing strategy. Majority of about 83% use LinkedIn, 80% are Facebook and Twitter users, 61% use YouTube, 39% use Google Plus, 26% use Pinterest for promoting their mobile commerce products.

Mobile Channels for Gaining Traffic on Site

Internet shopping growth is out-pacing overall retail growth. According to a study, by 2015, it is estimated that $119 billion in goods and services will be purchased via mobile channels, both tablet and smarphones. Nearly 65% of marketers increased their social-marketing Ad budgets in 2013. Business prefer paid social ads since it targets the right audience. It increases the traffic on the site and helps to gain new customers.

Strategy Behind Social Mobile Commerce

Most reliable social media marketing strategy adopted for ecommerce websites include:

  • Understand the basic platform for why the customers seek the social media
  • The content should be shareable
  • Be in contact with the customers
  • Meet the people at community
  • Relationship should be build with social influencer

Thus, social mobile commerce plays a vital role in marketing the products across the social networking sites. Apart from the craze of mobile commerce in the market, the combination of mobile and social video is building new opportunities for marketers.

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