Types of Call-to-Action Button for an Ecommerce Site


Incorporating Call-to-Action button on an Ecommerce site is very important as call-to-action buttons prompt visitors to do something on the product page. But certain factors are to be considered to increase the conversion rate of those call-to-action buttons. If you implement the strategies properly you can get immense benefits with the help of call-to-action buttons. There are several types of call-to-action buttons for an ecommerce site as discussed below

1)Add to cart button

“Add to cart” button is a must for any ecommerce site. Generally, these buttons appear on individual product pages. The purchase of implementing Add to cart button in an ecommerce site is to make the customers to purchase the product.

2)Download button

Download buttons are more or less as same as add to cart buttons. You can suggest your designer to include more information in the download button

3)Free Trial button

Some of the ecommerce sites attract their visitors by giving free trial to their products. The free trial buttons coould be a free download or it could be a free account depending on the site.

4)Signup or Register button

Sign up buttons appear in two versions. The first type is associated with a sign up form and the second one is similar to “add to cart” buttons, to prompt the users to purchase or signup for a service before reaching the signup form.

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Prominent Tips To Make More Effective Product Videos


Video Marketing became too effective and many ecommerce sites are seeking benefits with the help of product videos. Adding product video to your product detail page and social media sites will help to drive more sales for online retailers. In order to convey the information effectively product videos are a great source. With the help of more video submission sites your product videos can bring you more customers.

People love videos and the survey shows that online videos are becoming one of the popular forms of content on the internet. Recently, a survey forecasts that online video consumers will double in 2015.

How to Make Product Videos More Effective and get more conversions?

1)Include a seperate video section in your site

You can showcase all your videos consolidated in one common place apart from showing product videos across corresponding products. It is much essential to have video gallery in your site casting all your videos. Apart from that you can also submit those videos across various video hosting sites like vimeo, Youtube, dailymotion etc.,

2)Include Call-To-Action in Videos

You can also use Call-to-Action after your video or while playing your video to prompt viewer to make a purchase. You can include Call-to-action in many ways. You can just ask the customer to purchase in the video or you can also use the overlay to make a pitch to purchase the product.

3)Include Product Testimonials

Testimonial videos can make great conversions. Whenever a cutomer decide to purchase a product they give priority for the testimonials to check out if they satisfy because people believe in words of what other people say. Honest video conversions convert well and you can experience more sales with these kind of videos.

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Ultimate Techniques To Convert Ecommerce Visitors InTo Buyers


According to the recent statistics 40 percent of internet users buys online. One who runs a ecommerce store have a desire to get more market share and get more ecommecre conversions. The goal to obtain more ecommerce conversions may be accomplished by below techniques.

Steps To Convert Ecommerce Visitors Into Buyers

 1)Google Adwords(Shopping Campaigns)

When you compare shopping campaigns with search campaigns , the former will convert more better than the later. This is due to the fact that people will more likely to click the image of the product and the chance of people buying the same product might be higher. Another great advantage of setting up a shopping campaign is it needs only feeds to run every item of your ecommerce store.

2)Shopping Traffic Remarketing

It is a well known fact that shopping campaigns delivers high volume of traffic. If a visitor who comes to your site did not convert at a first time might get converted at a second time. This can be done by display network functionalities through analytics. You can convert visitors who come to your store through previous shopping through a custom remarketing campaign.

3)Price Research and providing competitive prices

The pricing you offer to your store also makes a huge difference in determining the success of your ecommerce store. You should develop a habit of analysing the current market price of all your important products and make sure that your pricing does not stand out of the market.

4)Allowing Mobile Checkouts

Mobile shopping also growing steadily so its important to build a mobile website so that the mobile purchase will be easy for the mobile users. Also, comparing to paid desktop traffic, paid mobile traffic costs lesser. Inorder to maximize your mobile conversion, you need to create a good mobile experience for your users such as asking only for the required information so that the users can decide on the time duration for their purchase on mobile device.

5)Allowing Guest Checkouts

Another important tactic to determine the sucess rate of your ecommerce business is allowing to buy your customers as a guest. After your customers make a purchase you can obligue them to register on your site. Allowing your visitors to buy as a guest removes many obsctacle between you and your visitor. Do not ever force your visitors to register with your site before they make a purchase.

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Inevitable Email Strategies For Ecommerce Business

email marketing


It is well known that Email Marketing is one of the important technique in driving sales for ecommerce companies. Not all email messages is equally effective. But some email strategies are very important in engaging our cutsomers behaviour and making a sale. Below discussed are some of the some common email strategies that should be launched to increase engagement.

1)Welcome Email Series

It has been researched and found that triggered email messages averges about 70 percent higher conversion rates and 100 percent higher click through rate than traditional email messages.

A good welcome email series will include three messages including

  1. Subscription confirmation
  2. Thankyou for opting and information about store’s privacy policy
  3. Coupon or discount codes

At last, you can also consider what you actions you would like your new subscribers to take, and you can determine the success rate of your welcome email strategy.

2)Shoppingcart Abandonment Email Series

You can create an email series for shopping cart abandonmnet to initialise the person to return to the shoppingcart and make a purchase. You can include two email messages one stating that you still hold the product for the customer and you can send the other one depending on the response of the previous email. If the shopper does not return to cart, you can send him message that the cart will be cleared after 72 hours after the cart was abandoned.

3)Follow-up Email Series(After the Sale)

You should also try to send follow up email series such as order confirmation, shipping confirmation, delivery confirmation and the follow up message after delivery such as providing the customer an oppurtunity to express his problems or you can also let him know about the discount or offer for the follow up purchase by your customer.

4)Useful Information Email Series

You can also have useful information series for engaging potential customers. For example, you are an online retailer selling electronic equipments then you can send information email series to your recipients on how to maintain electronic equipment.

5)Anniversary Purchase Email Series

You can also include anniversary purchase email series such as a special coupon for your customers birthdays, special coupon for the customers on festive days etc.,

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Effective PPC Optimization Tips for Ecommerce Site

ppc optimization tips

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is one of the main component in driving immediate leads to your growing business. If you own a large ecommerce site with many number of products then you need to maintain millions of keywords with thousands of campaigns. Managing such huge campaigns will be a time consuming and tedious one and this will also prevent you from implementing simple PPC optimization tips. This blogpost provides you simple PPC optimization tips to flourish your sales through PPC.

Simple PPC Tips For A Ecommerce Website

Pause underperforming keywords

In general more advertisers will bid on top performing keywords and placements, you will find that your PPC price for that keyword continues to rise but it will not make any impact in your sales. You need to analyse your keyword performance and stop not performing keywords so that you can use that ad spend for other keywords.

Use Price in Adcopy

Adding pricings in Adcopy helps you to drive more clicks . Most customers who are clicking the ads on seeing the pricings in the Adcopy will be of ready to purchase type. So, always develop a habit of using pricings in adcopy to ecncourage clicks .

Use Model name or Number in keywords

Always broad keywords have more search volume and they are not such high performing keywords. The users who search that broad keywords are not ready to buy users. You should always target ready to buy customers and one of the easy strategy to target these customers is to start bidding on the model name and number of the product and this will increase your quality score.

Negative Keywords and Placements

Whatever campaign your run whether it may be a search campaign or display campaign you will be able to monitor the clicks. If you run search campaign you can check out for clicks in dashboard itself and if you run display advertising you can check your placement performance report to check out high performing placements. Through this strategy you can find irrelevant keywords and point them as negative keywords so that you can use that budget for some other high performing keywords.

Check for your competitor keywords and Placements

You can also analyse your competitor paid traffic and keyword bidding. There are many tools available to check out competitors PPC campaigns. Such tools gains you access to check out your competitors keywords, Adcopy, landingpage etc.,If you your competitor seeing great returns from specific keywords you can incorporate them into your adcampigns too.

The above strategies definetely helps you to bring more conversions for your ecommerce site through PPC.

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E-commerce start up Marketing Tips To Beat The Competition

ecom marketing tips

If you wish to own a sucessful Ecommerce site then you need to follow an innovative marketing strategy with the help of SEO, PPC and affiliate marketing strategy with the thorough understanding of the future of the web for long term sucess.

Big Data Analytics

Most of the established ecommerce sites like Amazon is not only sucessful because of the personality and charm but with the help of tool and data. Many of the Ecommerce startups may not have the vast number of products and resources what ecommerce giant like Amazon has but have similitude of “big data” is available virtually for any start up. For this tools like KISSMETRICS is very much helpful in understanding baout the behaviourial data of your customers.

Offline Marketing

“Online” is not rigorously being seperated from physical world, you can think of improving your customer retention dramatically with the help of minimum portion of offline sales. You can always try to use your physical store to sell your products of your online store too. Always try to give your store a feeling that is logical with your online store.

Use Social Media To Drive Sales

You should never under estimate the power of social media . Create a business pages on top social media sites and try to promote the page as much as possible. Try to share informational content which your customer like and share with their friends. Interact with your customers on social media platforms. If your customer asks you any query through social media try to solve it . You can also take a look at your competitor business pages and see the way they work for your competitor and try to implement something out of it.

Though Ecommerce is a difficult thing for start ups , you can overcome the competition with creative implementation of big data and social media.

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Top 5 Ecommerce Trends To Maximize Your Customer Traffic

Day by day ecommerce business is growing high and the retailers are finding new innovative ways to market their respective products online. There are many ecommerce trends you can follow which will be more innovative and customer-centric.

New Ecommerce Trends To Elevate Your Customer Traffic

1)Make use of Multichannel strategies

Customers are always looking forward to get more advanced user experiences. And one of the advanced and effective technique is the price comparison.

2)Make use of social sites

You should make complete usage of social sites as you are sure to get a big exposure through social sites. They are not only built to sell products but also you can post interesting content. This will definetely entertain your audience and they will not only come to check aboout your products but also for being entertained with your interesting contenr.

3)Make use of mobile marketing

According to recent research report mobile commerce also reached 40% of global sale. Hence you should mind to optimize your ecommerce site for mobile so that your audience will find it easier to book and browse your products from mobile.

4)Develop new features

Ecommerce sites are into new turns, hence you need to set yourself to match the trends such as you need to come up with plugins to make your site unique from others.

5)Personal Touch

You must prompt to give a personla touch to your customers by providing customized offers like loyalty schemes, coupons and wish list etc., This may increase user experience.

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How does Twitter boost your Ecommerce Business



We know the fact that Twitter almost has roughly 300 million active users. But still many of internet marketing activities or online business do not use this effective platform to enhance their online presence. Below given are the essential tips you can follow to grow your twitter followers for your Ecommerce business.

Implement Twitter Widgets on your website

If you Embed Twitter Widget in your website your website would be very interactive and it makes easier to share contents. Also You have several embed options provided by twitter such as Twitter Timeline, Tweet button, embedded tweets and twitter follow button.

Follow your customers

If a person becomes your customer by purchsing in your site you should try to follow them in all social media especially twitter . This might be another effective place to connect with your customer and build a strong bond with them.

Retweet Relevant content

If you find any relevant content in your niche you can retweet them in your Twitter timeline. So that you will be given appreciation and in turn your content will be retweeted and this might give you larger exposer.

Use Hash tags

Always use Hashtags for larger exposer. It will categorise your twwets according to your tweets. Limit the hash tags to three per tweet

 Enable Twitter Cards

Twitter cards will help you in adding photos, videos and many media experiences to your tweets and that might drive traffic to your website. There are different varieties of card including Website card and lead generation card and these cards will be used to drive traffic to your website. Twitter card is really a powerful feature and when it gets enabled in your website it shows additional information when your products was twweted by someone.

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Essential Techniques To Use Social Media For your Ecommerce Business

SocialMedia For Ecommerce

SocialMedia For Ecommerce

Any business need social media presence to survive online. In todays world most of the people prefers to buy things online rather than going for a shop. So starting a ecommerce store is a worthy business but just starting a store is not going to help you in getting many sales for you Instead, you should try focusing on branding your ecommerce site in many ways especially on social media. No business will be successful without social media presence . Whether you may be start up and may be already established one social media platfrom is very necessary for brand building further. There are certain tips to be followed while using social media to improve your ecommerce business.

Tips To Market Your Ecommerce Site On Social Media

Offer Valuable content to your Audience

Always make sure to provide valuable content to your audience. The content you are providing on your social media platform should provide value to your customers. Use social media effectively to convey the information about the products you offer in write ups and keep that short

Engaging Audience on Social Media

Engage with your prospects frequently in social media by giving necessary information. You should not sound like a strict corporate and instead be lively with your customers on social media platforms. If you do not engage your customers on social media then you will have only poor conversion ratio for your ecommerce site. You can share photos of your company, activities in your company, events you conducted etc.,

Follow Your Customers On Social Media

It is important to follow your prospects to build a business relationship with them. The people whom you are following is a professional then follow them in LinkedIn apart from facebook. In case if you get any reply then answer them their query.

Social Media Buttons On Your Website

If you provide valuable information in your website then your customer might share that to his social networks so make sure that you have implemented social sharing buttons in your website for easy sharing.

Use Video Sharing Sites(Youtube, Vimeo)

Video sharing sites play a major role in providing a branding to your business. So create an excellent video for your product and share that in top video sharing sites likes Youtube, Vimeo etc., Do a proper keyword research and Incoporate proper keywords and tags for your video to override search results.

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Killer Tips To Retain Your Customers Back For Your Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce Industry is seeing a vast growth nowadays. Many of them are starting a Ecommerce business. If you start a Ecommerce business you need to follow certain strategies to create more conversions and also you need to follow tricks to retain your customers back to your site. You can get contiued sucess only if you retain your customers and it is very easy to retain your customers than you think. Actually retaining your existing customers involves more benefit and it is a smart way to improve your Ecommerce business. Below are some of the killer tips you can follow to retain your customers back to your site

Customer Retention

How To Retain Your Existing Customer For your Ecommerce Site?

1) Awesome Customer Support

If you need to retain your customer then you must have a customer support team provisding excellent customer support to the customers. Customers might be having lot of issues regrading the product after they did the payment for a product and those issues can only be solved by customer support to satisfy the customer that he or she has reached the right place for the purchase of the product. Once if you employ a agent for handling customer queries then you must make sure that he or she is been well trained in all aspects of your product queries so that they can provide spontaneous reply to customer queries.

2) Loyalty Program

Introduce Loyalty program to your customers by introducing incentives for memeber signup. This may keep our customer thinking that we are caring them and they are important to us

3)Social Media Attention

Use social media sites like facebook, Twitter etc., to draw the attention of our customers. Make a brand page in those sites and keep your page updated for more info.

4) Newsletter Emails

Collect Email Address and send frequent emails explaining about offers and sales you are providing. This may help your customer to know about the offers so that they can make frequent purchases

5) Suprise your customers

You just need to suprise your customers with special gifts. You do not required to provide very expensive gifts rather just provide some simple gifts in special ocassions with some additional notes and this may give a personal touch.

The above said are really worthy tips to retain your customer in the competitive Ecommerce world. With implementing above strategies you are predisure to retain your customers.

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