How To Market Your Mobile App for your Ecommerce Business

World is going mobile now. Mobile users are vast and 80% of the people uses Mobile apps. It is really mandatory for any business to launch a mobile app to stay ahead of competition. Google play store is being hitted by tons of mobile app everyday. Your job is not done simply developing a mobile app and including that in Google play store. Instead your main motive should be to make millions of people to download and use it only then you will be benefitted.

mobile app marketing

This blog post brings out important techniques to be followed to market your mobile app successfully.

Identify who your target customer is

First you need to determine who your target customer is. After determining that make a clear marketing strategy how to target the specific customers whom you are looking for.

Your Pricing Strategy

Make sure that you give the app for free or you fix a pricing. Mostly free apps gets more downloads more than paid Apps. You can still monetize the app by giving the app for free for some days later you can decide on how to monetize that.

Push Your pitch

Encourage as many as downloads after your launch . You should have a website for your mobile app. IF not a mega site a mini site atleast is mandatory. Run a mobile search campaign (ie) App promotional ads which connect you directly to the Google play store or Apple app store making it simpler for users to download.

Make use of social Media

Make complete use of Social Media sites likes Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc., You can use some paid marketing on some main social media sites especially Facebook. You can run Facebook Mobile App Ads to promote installs.

Make use of Review Sites

Make a list of some best app review sites and approach them to review you app in their site. This surely works. Also you can ask your users to review and rate your app. This helps to a great extent.

Make use of News Magazines and Press Release Websites

Make a list of some famous Tech Magazine sites, or App magazines and Press Release Sites and inform them about your App. Inform them clearly on how your app works and how users are getting benefited by this App.

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