Major Website Elements that Kills Ecommerce Conversions


Ecommerce Conversion

For any ecommerce website, it is really mandatory to improve ecommerce conversions. For increasing conversions we need to closely look at the existing elements of a website.

This post gives an insight about the major elements of an ecommerce website that kills conversions

Major Elements that Kills Conversions

Below discussed are the major elements of a website that kills Ecommerce Conversions

Quality Product Images

Lack of quality product Images are one such element killing ecommerce conversions.

Using quality images boost ecommerce conversion ratios by 20% . Showing images at different angles gives the detailed view of the images from the customer point of view. As people cannot touch the product onine it is your duty to bring the feel of the product to the customer. It is very difficult to expect the conversion without helping people to view the product image properly.

Checkout Pages

Poor checkout pages are one of the notable elements that kills ecommerce conversions. You need to follow certain checkout page startegies to improve conversion rates such as adding checkout buttons at the top and bottom of the page. 

Product Descriptions

Poor product descriptions are one of the element that kills ecommerce conversions. You should write product descriptions in such a way that it sells. The product you are trying to selling should be described strong in your description. When writing product description keep your ideal buyer on mind and write a description in such a way that it makes a customer to buy the product.

Poorly Optimized for SEO

Poorly optimized ecommerce site for SEO also badly drops the conversion. SEO is the major factor which you need to look out as it helps to position your site better in search engines. You need to make sure that your site is optiized well for search engines including Headers tags, alt tags , meta tags etc.,

Poor Navigation

If a customer unable to find proper navigation he might quit your site and move on to the other. So, if your site navigation is poor then you may need to work on it to improve your site conversion . You should need improve your site navigation in such a way that

Slow Loading Pages

Slow loading website are one of the top website element killing conversion. You might need to work on increasing your page speed to increase your conversions. Major search engines take page load timing into their algorithms and they are more likely to guide shoppers to site that load quickly. So, page loading time is the major element to work on to improve conversions.

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