Inevitable Email Strategies For Ecommerce Business

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It is well known that Email Marketing is one of the important technique in driving sales for ecommerce companies. Not all email messages is equally effective. But some email strategies are very important in engaging our cutsomers behaviour and making a sale. Below discussed are some of the some common email strategies that should be launched to increase engagement.

1)Welcome Email Series

It has been researched and found that triggered email messages averges about 70 percent higher conversion rates and 100 percent higher click through rate than traditional email messages.

A good welcome email series will include three messages including

  1. Subscription confirmation
  2. Thankyou for opting and information about store’s privacy policy
  3. Coupon or discount codes

At last, you can also consider what you actions you would like your new subscribers to take, and you can determine the success rate of your welcome email strategy.

2)Shoppingcart Abandonment Email Series

You can create an email series for shopping cart abandonmnet to initialise the person to return to the shoppingcart and make a purchase. You can include two email messages one stating that you still hold the product for the customer and you can send the other one depending on the response of the previous email. If the shopper does not return to cart, you can send him message that the cart will be cleared after 72 hours after the cart was abandoned.

3)Follow-up Email Series(After the Sale)

You should also try to send follow up email series such as order confirmation, shipping confirmation, delivery confirmation and the follow up message after delivery such as providing the customer an oppurtunity to express his problems or you can also let him know about the discount or offer for the follow up purchase by your customer.

4)Useful Information Email Series

You can also have useful information series for engaging potential customers. For example, you are an online retailer selling electronic equipments then you can send information email series to your recipients on how to maintain electronic equipment.

5)Anniversary Purchase Email Series

You can also include anniversary purchase email series such as a special coupon for your customers birthdays, special coupon for the customers on festive days etc.,

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