Importance Of Product Reviews In An Ecommerce Site

After setting up your ecommerce store one of the important step you need to include to raise your sales online is to add product reviews to your product page and this is really an important strategy to escalate your profit and increase your sales.

Advantages of online reviews

  1. You can really build trust and creditablity among your customers for your products with the help of genuine product reviews.
  2. There is a chance of high of number of sales for a particular product which have good reviews
  3. Always people like to read first hand user experience in addition to the product reviews. So, adding product reviews is mandatory to a ecommerce website especially for a startup website.

Increase your product reviews

  1. You can increase the product reviews in your site in below ways.
  2. You can ask the viewers of your site to post the product reviews in your site in a polite way with out forcing them
  3. You can also reward your customers with small coupons or gift vouchers for reviewing a product for you
  4. You can send email campaigns asking your customers to share their experience using your product

Manage Your Reviews

There are handy tools availabe to manage and automate your reviews

  1. Yotpo : Yotpo is one of the easiest way to generate product reviews for your site. Huge quantity of reviews can be created with this amazing tool which can be further used to increase sales
  2. Email Campaigns

You can also start a email campaign to follow up the customer who already purchased your product so that you can get a genuine review from them as they use the product.

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