Importance for Mobile Commerce. Does your business needs to go Mobile?

Nowadays mobile commerce is growing at a faster rate. As the smartphone and tablet users are increasing at a vast rate mobile commerce is also seeing a vast difference. Whenever you decide to start a ecommerce site, you need to remember about mobile friendliness too. If you fail to give a mobile friendly experience then you are missing out a majority mobile phone users. Most of the business activities were done more on mobile devices due to the wide spread usage of mobiles.

M-commerce Deployment:

Mcommerce is deployed in various applications like below

B2B applicaions

According to a statistics it is said that nearly 60% of the users use their mobiles to purchase products which are required for their business .

B2C applications

Even B2C applications like ecommerce stores have their own IOS and android shopping cart apps. This is due to these type of ecommerce stores have witnessing large number of transactions in mobile app.

Growth of Mobile Internet users

The more vital factor you need to consider about is more and more people use smartphone and tablets and go online with the same. According to a report 30% of mobile users are smartphone users.With the growth of mobile internet users are increasing rapidly year by year , mobile shopping have gone viral.

How does Business make use of mobile commerce?

  • Customer loyalty can be improved. A customer can avail reward points when purchaisng a product through App.
  • A customer can go through the products better
  • Helps in creating a better brand reputation
  • An app helps you to promote your products better
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