Over the years technology has advanced part by part and people started to use  those technologies rapidly. The only connecting media for end to end customers is mainly mobile communication and networking. From a small scale business industries to a MNC each have their own domain and mobile applications to attract customers.

Mobile applications brings business relationship within the organization and as well as customer relationship with each and every customers. When speaking about mobile application to improve business techniques, the first and the foremost mobile apps which strikes our mind is “food panda” which is a absolute customer attracting application the developers bring more offers and hi-fi food delivery to the end customers to which end users get attracted towards those kind of communication.

Another approach made by one of the leading online trading company name Flipkart enables daily offers and deals to increase the business profit and mobile traffic. The organization is planning to stop it’s online trading through internet in order to develop the business through mobile application trading. Many organization like Amazon, Mcent, Walmart makes profit and business deals with the help of mobile applications.

Customers sit at home and make use of those facilities which are given to them in the form of mobile and tablets. In USA 99% of the area is facilitated with 4G LTE technology for quality data surfing and communication which automatically increases the business growth and develops the country revenue.

There is a lot of hype around the business market and the buyers . The best application sustains in the market and makes business. Few important factors that triggers the business developers and organizations to make profit are as follows,

1.Accurate information about the products.

2. Real time data and updates.

3. Better client service

4. Handy operation to avoid flaws.

5. Customer integrity.

Back end developers of should mitigate all the errors and should meet the client expectations with innovative applications. Frequent updating is essential to fulfill the customer needs.

Smooth navigation and hassle free operation increases the business. Recent researches and study tells that mobile users in western countries spends half a day on mobile device to purchase goods. These trends shows rapid growth in business profit through mobile applications.

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