How this festival season helps to increase eCommerce sales volume as expected?

According to many market statistics says, until 2015 it was 56.43 billion dollars using desktop retail sales volume in the United states. Though which is in 2nd place of selling position when compared with In-store sales volume at the same time % of mobile and tablet viewers have also been increasing year on year.


Let’s discuss the statistics point, why people are jumping into the online purchase? ‘Cause It as simple as easy going to store and purchasing products in a store. No need to stand on Que and of course the online e-commerce stores are selling products in discounted price and the selected products we can use our coupon to scratch discounts. Still, most of the websites having many types of payment methods to get products in the estimated timeline, using credit/debit cards and also cash on delivery.


So to run a online store for the targeted customers, which is never been an easy task to any startup, medium and even to the enterprise level companies. Even though we will be able to quickly find out many marketplace software available to attract ecommerce sellers who want to merchandise their products. But when it comes to real time scenario if you think to buy one ecommerce software, you will get only desktop version and you may not get an option to sell your products in the festival time using coupon/discounts. When it comes to merchandise your products ordered by your specific categories again there will be lots of mismatch to ordering your products by your specialized categories and subcategories. Now, if you likes to bring all in one place you will be ended up paying more money as you may not have that in your budget.

Which is why we at Uniecommerce, specially designed our products based on the industry statistics with our expert team’s support carefully crafted our products along with all above said features, functionality uniquely available. Get Uniecommerce and give a Happy Shopping Experience to your customers in this special time.

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