Facebook Or Twitter – The cold War (Which is better platform to advertise your Business)

None of us can neglect the power of social media. The best advertising platform which is used by everyone in this era is Facebook and Twitter. But however there is always a comparison between those two to decide which is best platform to advertise our business especially when our budget is minimum. In this post let the two platforms can be explored on several aspects to decide which is best among the two.

Facebook Vs Twitter




One of the important aspect on deciding the best advertsing platform to reap maximum benfits is the social media coverage.

Coverage is nothing but the number of active users . If the users are higher on the platform then the exposure will be better.

According to a survey below are the following numbers of active users

Twitter – 300 Million active users

Facebook – 4 billion active users


Visual Interface


If we compare both the platforms in terms of visual interface then facebook deserves the better place in terms of visual interface because twitter has only text.


User Engagement


Next thing we need to consider about is user engagement. In social media sites , in addition to number of active users who uses the site, the number of user engagements like liking , sharing and many others also equally important.

According to survey twitter records about 400000 interactions per minute and facebook records about 450000 interactions per minute.

so facebook drive 15% higher traffic than twitter


User Friendliness


When it comes to user friendliness, both twitter and facebook are equally user friendly. If you need to set up ad campaign both twitter and facebook have online tools to set up the ad campaign. Facebook has advanced targeting options and it is very effective to reach right audience at the right time.

Also twitter ads are easy to set up. But still facebook desrves better place as it has the option to target age group, gender and their likes regarding any category.


Final Words


However to yield better exposure one must give importance to both the platforms as both have their own benefits. If you have minimum budget you can prefer facebook over twitter. At first start with small budget get the exposure out of facebook and then decide on increasing the budget.

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