Exclusive Things You Need To Know For Starting An Online Store

Would you wish to sell products online?

You might wish to sell products online but if you are a starter you will definetely worry about most of the important things involved in the business.

As a starter everyone who enters into ecommerce business will be bit fishy about the technical terms involved such as domain name, hosting , payment gateway, shipping gateway etc.,

Your Basic Requirements For Selling Online

First and fore most is the technology part which deals with your website, dashboard and back end operation.

1)Marketing Part which involves SEO and other stuffs to bring in more customers

2)Payment Part like how would you accept the payment on which mode


4)How to receive Cash On Delivery


Choosing A Domain name and Hosting Space

You must choose a good brand name for our business and that is your domain and choose a web hosting companies and host your domains. Design your website in such a way that attracts lot of visitors to your site.

Hire A Marketing Expert

You need to hire an expert for marketing to carry out marketing activities for you. You should focus on promoting your site to bring in more customers for your site

Choose A Payment Gateway

You must choose a payment gateway as per your needs. There are numerous payment gateway exist such as PayU, CCavenue, EBS, Directpay, Paypal etc.,

The charges levied by these payment gateway are different from each other you need to choose the best among the vast available depending on the tax and other stuffs.

Choose A Shipping Gateway

Last part is you must concentrate on shipping your products (Logistics). There are several logitsics provider available and you can tie up with them for quick delivery of your product.

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