5 Excitefull Strategies To Retain Customers For Your Online Store

After setting up an online store care need to be taken to bring in more customers to the store. The best part is to retain back your customers to do more business with us. Customer retention is very necessary for any type of business no matter if its an online or offline business.

Customer Retention

How to get back your customers to do more business with you?


1)Build your customer accounts


In addition to guest checkout option it is wise to ask the first time customer to sign up for an account after he/she made the purchase. So that you can collect the email details and use them for to let them know about the offers or deals you introduce in future.


2)Give customers loyalty benefits


You need to provide your customers loyalty benefits if they shop regularly. You can give them points for evry purchase which can be redemmed later either through gift vouchers or cash.


3)Send Newsletter Regularly


You must definetely send newsletters to your customers abou the special offers or ongoing sales to increase the chances of more sales. Send your customer a detailed email about the offer with the respective link to it.


4)Utilize Social Media To The Core


Make use of social media sites like twitter, google plus, facebook etc as these social networks gained popularity in India as well. Just take advantage of these social media channels and post regularly or multiple times a day to promote your deals, offers etc., If you do this there is really higher chance of your brand visiblity.


5)Treat Your Customers As A Special One


As you have your customers detail you can just send small gifts on special occasions or on their birthdays to give them a personalized touch and makes them to shop more on your site.

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