Effective PPC Optimization Tips for Ecommerce Site

ppc optimization tips

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is one of the main component in driving immediate leads to your growing business. If you own a large ecommerce site with many number of products then you need to maintain millions of keywords with thousands of campaigns. Managing such huge campaigns will be a time consuming and tedious one and this will also prevent you from implementing simple PPC optimization tips. This blogpost provides you simple PPC optimization tips to flourish your sales through PPC.

Simple PPC Tips For A Ecommerce Website

Pause underperforming keywords

In general more advertisers will bid on top performing keywords and placements, you will find that your PPC price for that keyword continues to rise but it will not make any impact in your sales. You need to analyse your keyword performance and stop not performing keywords so that you can use that ad spend for other keywords.

Use Price in Adcopy

Adding pricings in Adcopy helps you to drive more clicks . Most customers who are clicking the ads on seeing the pricings in the Adcopy will be of ready to purchase type. So, always develop a habit of using pricings in adcopy to ecncourage clicks .

Use Model name or Number in keywords

Always broad keywords have more search volume and they are not such high performing keywords. The users who search that broad keywords are not ready to buy users. You should always target ready to buy customers and one of the easy strategy to target these customers is to start bidding on the model name and number of the product and this will increase your quality score.

Negative Keywords and Placements

Whatever campaign your run whether it may be a search campaign or display campaign you will be able to monitor the clicks. If you run search campaign you can check out for clicks in dashboard itself and if you run display advertising you can check your placement performance report to check out high performing placements. Through this strategy you can find irrelevant keywords and point them as negative keywords so that you can use that budget for some other high performing keywords.

Check for your competitor keywords and Placements

You can also analyse your competitor paid traffic and keyword bidding. There are many tools available to check out competitors PPC campaigns. Such tools gains you access to check out your competitors keywords, Adcopy, landingpage etc.,If you your competitor seeing great returns from specific keywords you can incorporate them into your adcampigns too.

The above strategies definetely helps you to bring more conversions for your ecommerce site through PPC.

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