Effective Usage Of Google Plus Page For Your Ecommerce Business


Though Google plus social network may be the late comer to the social arena due to its nature of efficient platform many companies have established its market presence there.

Steps Included In Marketing Your Website Through Googleplus

Googleplus page creation

Googleplus page have a great impact on search engine results. Sometimes the content you share in googleplus page also gets ranked in search engines. Make sure whatever content you share in your webiste is also gets shared in your google plus page. Creating a google plus page is very important to get more exposure for your business.

Connect your website with the google plus page

You connect your website and your google plus page by placing a small snippet code so that you will content will appear in search results.

Apart from using snippet code you can also make use of Google plus Badge so that your users can +1 your page and follow you directlly from your website itself.

Make use of google Hangouts to connect with your customer

Google Hangouts enable interaction with customers face to face. It allows you to host a video which you share through your google plus page and youtube.

Post content consistently

You should definetely make a habit of posting your content frequently on your google plus business page. You can post any type of content such as your promotions, discounts and offers, product photos and videos, new product announcement and many more.

Start promoting your Googleplus page

You should also start promoting your google plus page in various page such as you include your google plus page in your emailsignatures, you can add +1 button in product pages etc.,

Interact with people

You should interact with people to get more followers. The more you interact with your followers like resharing their content, commenting on your posts, replying them back will yield lot of followers to your business page.

Create a google plus community

Joining in communities which have many memebers will you many followers to your business page. You can also share your content in google plus communities but make sure that you share only relevant content in groups as if you share irrelevant content in communities you might get banned from posting content to google plus page.

Track your google plus activity through analytics

You can track the performance of your google plus page with the help of analytics tool.

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