Ecommerce Marketing To Do List To Showcase Your Ecommerce Business

You should always have a well planned marketing strategy to do a effective ecommerce business. Especially if you are a startup company you definetely needs certain important criteria that has to followed year after year to do a prominent online business.

Content Marketing

Have a good practise of doing content marketing. Create an entertaining content that attracts your visitor . If you keep on engaging your customers with informative content then they will become a loyal customer. You can analyse your content marketing strategy by keeping an eye on which article is diving you more traffic. Just test your result with similar content and check even that is sucessful.

Email Campaigns

A well planned email campaigns helps you to nurture the relationship with the customer. If a prospectus or a customer registers in your site then your email campaign should start with a series of welcoming them and expressing your thanks for the subscription. After than you can send informative articles, promotions and offers and turn all customers into prospectus.

Social Media Campaigns

If you start doping ecommerce business then social media campaigns cannot be neglected. Especially facebook is the majority source attracting more visitors to an ecommerce site. Also try proimoting in all social media channels like googleplus, twitter, linkedin,pinterest,instagram etc.,

Video Marketing

Product videos definetely have a positive impact on ecommerce market. If you produce more product videos then you will defintely see an improvement in the conversion rate.


Try to include a personalisation startegy and this may include various techniques like calling the cuatomer by name, sending a wish to them for birthdays etc., Personalization is something that you need to find out something like you need to get closer to customers.

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