E-commerce start up Marketing Tips To Beat The Competition

ecom marketing tips

If you wish to own a sucessful Ecommerce site then you need to follow an innovative marketing strategy with the help of SEO, PPC and affiliate marketing strategy with the thorough understanding of the future of the web for long term sucess.

Big Data Analytics

Most of the established ecommerce sites like Amazon is not only sucessful because of the personality and charm but with the help of tool and data. Many of the Ecommerce startups may not have the vast number of products and resources what ecommerce giant like Amazon has but have similitude of “big data” is available virtually for any start up. For this tools like KISSMETRICS is very much helpful in understanding baout the behaviourial data of your customers.

Offline Marketing

“Online” is not rigorously being seperated from physical world, you can think of improving your customer retention dramatically with the help of minimum portion of offline sales. You can always try to use your physical store to sell your products of your online store too. Always try to give your store a feeling that is logical with your online store.

Use Social Media To Drive Sales

You should never under estimate the power of social media . Create a business pages on top social media sites and try to promote the page as much as possible. Try to share informational content which your customer like and share with their friends. Interact with your customers on social media platforms. If your customer asks you any query through social media try to solve it . You can also take a look at your competitor business pages and see the way they work for your competitor and try to implement something out of it.

Though Ecommerce is a difficult thing for start ups , you can overcome the competition with creative implementation of big data and social media.

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