Create your own Online store using Goodsie is a professional e-commerce software tool that helps you create your own online ecommerce store. It uses a real-time design software where you just have to drag and drop items for your webpages and create layouts that is needed for your ecommerce site.

It’s features include a CSS interface that allows easy formatting upto a level of pixel customization without having to understand the coding or technical side of it. It gives you beautiful themes for you to create, more choices of e-commerce payment gateways, mobile commerce suites for your android, smartphones, integration with email marketing to your online store, sales analytics to track revenue – all under an affordable prices with no transaction fees or hidden costs.

How does Goodsie help you?

First of all, people who are novice and who do not have much knowledge in programming or coding applications but at the same time comfortable with Gmail, Google Docs etc. can make use of Goodsie as a platform to create their own e-commerce store. Till a stage where the new merchant grows his business with limited resources and earns profits, Goodsie provides that leverage of getting trained with the fundamentals of developing an online store.

Adding Products

To start with, you sign up with the store’s name, email ID and create your own password and then add products, set prices, create and manage categories. You can also add pictures and set its availability statuses. For selling products that come in various sizes and colors, you can do it using the project page. You can also edit the pricing of the products for each of sizes and colors of a product. That is to say that for a single product with various options you can set prices differently.

Its Stock Keeping unit feature [SKU] helps keeping track of storage units and the relative cost accounting statistics.

Design and User Interface

Goodsie has design tools that is customizable according to your ways. It need not have an admin panel to work on the design but merely on the front page to modify the designs. It is an easy to use interface for the customer as well as for the webmaster.

The Statistics board provides you with live statistics overview page that lets you know of your visitors and their activities. It gives you details like frequency of visits, bouncing rates, visitors search behaviour and other details of the visitor.

Payment and Pricing

The payment features include coupons for online store and Stripe Payments that accepts credit cards. More than half of the percentage of shoppers demand multiple options of payment which may result in cart abandonment.

To start with a basic online store, Goodsie charges $15 per month and for a Premium usage $40 per month. In either of the costs, you have a web interface and well-defined set of options for the merchants . It also gives you a 30-day free trial.

What is not positive in Goodsie?

Poor service on the side of online marketing tools and features. Lack of blogs or articles to write for your products/services on your online store. It needs a separate site or platform to create your blogs and articles.

It does not have product comparisons, reviews, wishlists or a streamlined navigation facility. It does not have search function too.

Since it is a simple platform that solves basic necessities of an online portal, it lacks design tools that is in other big portals.

Goodsie does not have a proper SEO tool integration. Yet basic, Goodsie has not tried its mettle in this area.

Is it profitable?

The merchant side of the Goodsie site is quite simple in the sense that you set up a store online, sell products and a merchant account integrated for your store. Associated with paypal, Braintree, STripe and, a merchant user has to maintain his account information with these service providers.

There is no sales commission or percentage of sales taken from you, which is a good news for the store owners. While other sites like Amazon or eBay charges you nearly upto 12% commission per transaction. And it is very transparent since it does not involve any other hidden charges also.


Goodsie is a SAAS solution i.e., Software as a Service that comes with payment gateways like Paypal, Google Checkout, Amazon and shipping method.

Technically speaking many tech-savvy enthusiastic people may not be impressed with the features that could have been included like a template system to customize CSS sheets or an attribute system, an import or export functionality that can upload multiple images etc.

While this can be said to be advantages simply because it is basic and easy-to-use, for a tech-savvy user it may be an unimpressive site platform.

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