Things To Avoid In Setting Up An Ecommerce Site


As we are running in the competitive era , increasing your profit by growing your business requires a lot of work and well planning strategy. You need to look up the following factors which you have to avoid compulsarily when setting up an ecommerce store.

1)Avoid complicated checkout process

You should definitely avoid complicated checkout process as many customers will definitely avoid the checkout process which is very complicated. In addition, you should not ask too many information which your customers will not like , make sure that you ask only necessary information.

2)Avoid using Bad Payment Gateway

Use a reliabe Payment gateway which is very secure and verified

3)Dont overload with information

Always make sure that site is very simple without too many designs

4)Lack of Product Information

Use Product description without fail. Use unique product description and ensure that you add necesaary details in the product information.

5)Lack of Return Policies

Your site should have proper return policies as your customers could not be able to feel the products in hand. It is mantory to have the return policy.

6)Lack of securing your site

You must definetely secure your site by buying a SSL certificate as you will be capturing your customers details directly in your site.

7)Lack of products on home page

Your home page is the index of your sales. Make sure that your home page consists of lot of products as this is the page which is first seen by your visitor. Promote the top offers and top selling products in the home page.

8)Slow loading

Normally Ecommerce sites consists of lot of products so it does contain heavy files to load but inspite of this you must ensure that your site loads very fast. Slow loading sites will always be an negative impact in driving sales.

9)Not doing proper SEO

SEO is very important to gain search engine rankings. Make sure that your site ranks for multiple keywords in decent position in SERP. Search engines is the high source of traffic so doing proper SEO is very important to get long term traffic through search engines

10)Cross selling

Cross selling is a must to increase your sales volume. When a customer decides to buy your product he might also be interested in some other products. For example, if a customer comes to buy a mobile phone after buying a mobile phone he might also look for mobile accessories for his phone like mobile cover, scratch card etc., so make sure that you also list related products

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