The App Technology To Elevate Restaurant Sales

The Nation’s Restaurant News has recently reported that as more and more restaurants are keen on engaging their customers, digital ordering and the app technology is becoming the key for success. Another analysis by the NPD Group suggested that the market is growing in double digits due to digital ordering.


The total traffic to restaurant is occupied 3% by digital ordering. This may also be equated as 1.9 billion visits as per The NDP group. Though it is suggested that the major chains alone follow the mobile ordering, The NDP group suggests that there is enormous growth opportunity for this technology.

Mobile app technology is sure to improve the customer experience to the next new level. Riggs from a famous analysis team suggests that with the chain dominated nature of this business, digital ordering would be a big hit. With online food ordering system being mandatory, customers would definitely want your restaurant to have one. If not, they may change their mind to prefer another restaurant that has online ordering.

An interesting fact found by the NPD group is that the most often ordered meal via the food delivery software is the dinner. Almost 50% of the digital orders are dinners says a survey. People with families use online restaurant ordering system more. Around 35 % of the people with children make online food orders.

The above- average users, the ones under the age of 35, use digital ordering. The people who have higher household incomes also are a criteria in ordering food online.

A lot of Africans and Americans prefer restaurant management software than the other country citizens.

There are many people who place online orders via website. Besides the mobile restaurant ordering system is growing at a faster pace. Hence, it definitely all about the mobile application for technology.

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