6 Powerful Tips For A Perfect Product Page

In order to suceed in any ecommerce business you need to have a powerful product pages. You will never get any sales conversion if you have poor product pages. Besides helping you with getting higher page conversions they also help you with climbing higher page rankings. Other than driving sales and attracting traffic for a particular product there are various factors involved in the development of a ecommerce product page.

Tip 1 : Product Images

You should defintely should not under estimate product images you need to upload top quality photos to your product page. Make sure that you upload only high dimentional images to your page. Also consider uploading your product photos in different angles. Always consider yourself as a buyer and imagine your decision of purchasing the product. Just Imagine how would you like to view the product before buying the same and upload the photos which was taken in necessary angles.

Tip 2 : User Reviews

One of the most important sales driver is the user reviews and it should be treated very seriously. Most of the ecommerce buyers check user reviews before buying a product. Even Amazon is making the most of this concept of user review. Almost 70% of the people check the reviews before making a decision. So, user reviews is one of the most important factor in driving sales.

Tip 3 : Demo Videos

Demo videos are really necessary because they can give the clear insight on the product. Customer seems to take out a satisfactory decision after seeing the product videos. So, it is mandatory to upload the product images.

Tip 4: Return Policy

You should provide clear info on your delivery and return policy as many customers will be looking mainly for the return policy.

Tip 5: Sales Copy/Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are also one of the main factor for a powerful product page. Your product description shoud be very unique and stand out acting as a sales copy.

Tip 6: LiveChat

Livechat is very necessary to run a prominent ecommerce business online. You should provide it 24/7 support. As customer will be having lot of queries regarding your product before buying so you should definetely solve those by providing excellent customer support.

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