6 email subject tags that push viewers to click

Does Email really sell? The testimony to it is numerous.

According to ‘Radicati Group’ there are nearly 3.9 billion email accounts worldwide as of 2013 and it is expected to rise to 4.9 billion by 2017!

‘EmailExpert’ says that for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is $44.25

44% of consumers make minimum one purchase last year based on a promotional email received.

At the same time, there is a considerable section which may not see the emails however might be the scale of email dispatches.

This happens because you need to grab the attention of the recipient!

With appropriate Subject headline!

‘Chadwick Martin Bailey’ found that 64% of people open an email based on the subject line they saw.

Therefore, the subject line of the email seems to be the moving constituent and only after that comes the body of the email.

How to write email subject lines that get opened?

Bob Bly in his “The Copywriter’s Handbook” gives six categories of headlines that can appeal to them and act on it.

Straight and upfront Headlines

Direct subject lines reach the target audience and also tell the right message. Eg., ‘Free shipping’; ‘New hair dye brushes in store’ etc.

Whereas, indirect subject heads will not raise the interest among the users to reach for the body of the email.

News tags

News headlines convey the plain and clear information and are easy to follow.

This is helpful in making product announcements, broadcasts, new offers or events such as:

  • Guest appearance in our show

  • Introducing our new book release

How To Caption

‘How to’ headlines are the most popular type in endorsing education content. It is
considered as the chosen way to correspond the importance of the email that you send
and the challenge that it resolves.


  • How to use the office printer

  • How to reduce fat in your body?

Question Tags

The aim of using the question headline is to stir up the attention in such a way that it reaches their mind and raises the same question inside them.

Example: Do you want to know your horoscope compatibility?

Command lines

Use verbs that convey actions that are performed. This is upfront on the user and more often than not, it is likely to make the user open the email.

Dos and Don’ts for using Email Subject Lines worthy

Keep the subject line short

Make the user easily readable subject headlines and which is within viewable perimeter. Confirm that the reader is able to read it fully without any disturbance.

Well-defined and clear-cut headlines

Kindle the interest as to why they should open the email. Create a temptation about what might be the advantage of reading your email.

Do not give false promises

Do not provide false promises just to increase the open rates.

Use Numbers

Numbers can easily grasp the attention. It represents factual information and it easily differentiates from other words or letters.

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