$250B Market Scope For Online Food Delivery

Online food ordering industry is seeing a rise than the last year and there is an expected capital inflow in this. The market opportunity for the online food ordering system still remains as huge as ever. The core restaurant market comprises a large share of profits from online food delivery and online hotel booking, say the latest research of Morgan Stanley.

60% of the online food delivery is found to be for Pizza delivery. There is another perception where experts suggest, seeing the amount of inquiries they receive for pizza delivery gave rise to the reason of beginning / starting up with an online food ordering system for all restaurant items.

pasted image 10Research on 5000 Americans were conducted and that resulted in the below conclusions;

  1. Two third of them placed online take away orders for the past 6 months
  2. The detailed report suggested that the level of demand of this industry was consistent
  3. Urban, Sub-Urban and Rural markets are involved in it

There is a rapid growth for online delivery or Foodpanda clone kind of services. Many restaurants that had considered sales just through their physical outlets are changing their minds. A recent NDP research suggests that off-premise food service will overtake the traffic growth to the restaurant industry in the next 10 years.

pasted image 0

Apart from this, total of the whole restaurant industry compounds to $490 billion market out of which food delivery contributes to 43%. That is depicted in the pie chart below:

Every industry sees/ faces a periodical trend and some may stay for long. Online food ordering system is one such trend at the moment that would sky-shot business.

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