15 ways to creating a easy-to-use e-commerce site

In order to make your investment profitable and uninterrupted you need to create a handy and convenient web page.

The following are the 15 ways that explain you the steps to making your site presence felt among the visitors:

1.Understand what your customers want

You have to understand the factors that a user may come to buy from you and potentially spend money. For that you need to build trust and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your customers. So, do not leave out anything in order to satisfy your visitors.

2.Brand conscious

When customers look at your site, it should look different from other sites and easy recognizable. People expect to see a brand in relation to its logo, design, color etc. that are unique and does not replicate or appear similar to other brands. Sell your unique points to reach the customers through the logo design itself.

3.Favourite Products

Always enable the shoppers to display the hot and favourite products that is trending up right now. Put them up in front so that it’ll make them easier to browse for.

4.Updates and News on your products

Update regularly about your products and brands to your customers. Circulate the good reviews that your product has obtained from outside reviewers like newspapers, online articles etc. Post these updates to let the customer also know about.


Announce special deals and free offers which some customers may be interested in. It can help by spreading the word through these customers to others.

6.Free Shipping

Upto a certain level, you can offer customers free shipping facilities. It helps build a long-term relationship between you and your customers.

7.Simple SignUp facility

Ensure an easy process of SignIn facility to your visitors. Nowadays, Facebook, Twitter logins play an important role in creating a user sign up directly without much details being filled.

8.Secured data

Customers also are keen on whether their personal information are kept secret or not. This is to safeguard from of hacking, virus attacks etc.

9.Search filter

Provide a comprehensive search function so the customers are able to look for what they want as easy as possible. Ensure metadata and proper keywords arrive at their search results.

10.Clean Check-out

Make your customers aware about the mode of payments that you provide. Ensure a pleasant experience for them.

11.Social Networking links

Provide the option to customers for linking their product choices, purchases or likes to be shared among social media sites. Sharing with other friends make them happy and on the other hand increases our brand popularity.

12.Contact Us information

Customers must be able to find your contact details very easily accessible in your website instead of searching over it everywhere. You should also give them clear phone numbers, address and other details.

13.Store Locator

Through clear map directions and selecting the number of locations you run stores around, it gives the users comfortably search for locations nearby their residence.

14.Live Chat

Some people find it easier to have a live chat session to query on a product information rather than customer call-service numbers. Survey has found that it rises conversion rates of consumers.

15.Trusted Payment gateways

Companies like McAfee, Verisign, Paypal etc are some of the trusted payment gateways that has developed trust among people when it comes to security.


Finally, its your customers who decide your presence and survival in your business more than anyone else. So, create ways that make them easy-to-use your site.

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