10 Inspiring Ways to get more Facebook like for your Ecommerce Business Page

Every business need a facebook page in order to build their brand eventually. Gaining more businesses through facebook depends upon the type of business. Objectives differ from brand to brand but regardless of the objective you need to build a big community to your facebook first which is very necessary.

In this post let us see on how to gain a community in other words this article explains you the method of gaining more likes to your facebook page. More likes gives your page more exposure.

How to Get More Likes To Your Facebook Page

Gain Facebook LIkes

1)Complete Your Facebook Profile With Enough Information

First step is to complete the facebook profile page with the necessary information by writing a catchy description so that people can understand who are you and what you provide. As your facebook page is the first thing people will check when they come to visit you so you must keep that more attractive .


2)Include Facebook Widgets (Like Boxes) in your Webiste

Have a habit of including facebook like boxes in the website so that it will be very easy for the people to like the fanpage from the webiste itself. There are many social plugins available which you can make use of in your website to gain more likes.


3)Keep on inviting existing contact to like your fan page

After creating the brand page, the next step is to send invitations to your existing contacts to like your page. Dont overdo it as some might get irritated too.


4)Find what interest your community

Find the taste of your community and analyse what interests them. This is easily possible to find their interest through facebook graph search.


5)Cross promote the link on various online channels

You need to cross promote your facebook page among various online channels and this includes social bookmarking sites, other social media channels and many more whatever you have the option to upload the link.


6)Use Facebook Ads

You can also run facebook ads which is one of the great way to increase the likes. Inorder to get more from your facebook ads, you can target your communities interest and location. You need to experiment with different types of ads to find out which works best for you.


7)Engage with the Community

You should always engage with the community such as posting answers to their questions, try to be very interactive with your community.


8)Be Active

Dont be too idle and always post something new related to your niche . The more active you are on your business page will get you more likes on your page.


9)Publish Engaging Contents

Make a habit of publishing engaging content which always keep your community engaged in your facebook business page.



You can run a giveaway or any contest . While creating contest make sure that it is easy for the audience to participate. Promote the contest through your facebook ad and this results in many new likes to your facebook page.

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