Growing preference for multi-vendor eCommerce software

The multi-vendor software is a standalone eCommerce platform where independent merchants can sell their products via a single storefront. This online business platform is a revolutionary innovation that has advantages such as generating traffic, extensive product range, cost effective, adaptability, flexibility, etc. This process allows customers to pick products from different vendors via the same shopping cart. It helps customers get access to wide range products under the single platform.


Investing in multi-vendor business software would be a better deal for eCommerce entrepreneurs as it becomes the first choice for many in online business. This software gains popularity among online sellers because of its varied features such as:

Quality traffic generator

The online store at the multi-vendor eCommerce store is a great deal because it  generates huge quality traffic that will undoubtedly double the sales online.  Suitable for sales minded people.

Suitable for sales minded people

Whether manufacturers or sellers, the multi-vendor online store is specified for those who would prefer to earn profit from their product rather than setting brand for their product.

Low setup costs

Using this platform will not cost much for the sellers, as it does not require merchants to set up a website or do marketing for the same. It is considered as the most cost-effective way of selling a product online compared with the online store. All they need to pay is a small selling fee when their products get sold via multi-vendor eCommerce store.

Adaptable and flexible

Multi-vendor eCommerce platform is suitable for any business and flexible to use and easy to adapt. It does not require much technical skills to use this online store. Its adaptability and flexibility make it a better deal for both users as well as sellers.

Besides all features, multi-vendor eCommerce store comes with three-layer security, search engine optimization, responsive and customizable platform, conversion-focussed design, etc. Doing business online with the multi-vendor platform is the best eCommerce business model for those who enter online business with the intention to promote sales and gain profit. Because of its effective and efficient business model, multi-vendor business software becomes the first and best choice of online merchants.

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Tips for creating effective call-to-action buttons for e-commerce software

The conversion would be the end result of any online business promotions. In e-commerce, business conversion is a big challenge for every online business owners. Even though your business website looks great and more attractive, still the conversion rate is very low; the focus must be toward “call-to-action” (CTA) button. CTA button, which is to do a certain action for which the business website is intended to, induces your customers to convert their decision to action. The wordings in CTA button must be specific and to the point like “Add to cart”, “Join Now”, “Contact Us”, etc.

touch iconThe best way to test your CTA is A/B test that will definitely upgrade your efforts and improve conversion rates. To use A/B test, a few simple methods can to be used:

  • Button color
  • Button text
  • CTA & button placement
  • CTA shape
  • Call-to-action size
  • Call-to-action image (icon)

Following are certain aspects to be considered to make viewers click on CTA buttons:

Guide them to do right action

The user-friendly website will always work better. While designing a website, we have to ensure that the well-built web page can be accessed easily. So, it is more important to be straightforward to tell the viewers what to do next.

Specify what they get

One of our goals is to create email sign ups. If you keep a CTA button saying, “Send Me My Discount”, the targeted customers will undoubtedly make them sign up with their email Ids.

Language matters

The language used in CTA buttons must be simple, strong, and specific. Using bombastic vocabulary may mislead the viewers who may not be aware of those jargons. Using first person language works better. It is encouraged to use “Start my free trial” instead of “Start your free trial”.

Make it time-sensitive

Specifying the time in the CTA button will attract. Your offers will be more effective when wordings such as “Sign up today, and get a 20% discount on all offers”, “Download your free trial today”, etc. are the magical words to make the customers act immediately.

Remove the risk

We have to ensure the viewers that there is no risk in signing up for the newsletter or of that kind. Before giving incentives, you must remove their anxieties and any possible barriers for signing up by using captions like “No pressure, cancel at any time”, “We hate spam as much as you, we never share your email address with anyone”, etc.

Consider color and apt place

Using contrast colors like orange, green, or yellow will attract your customers’ attention while they were looking for further action. Placement of CTA button is more also equally important.

CTA may be the shortest content, but the hardest piece to be written on any website. CTA has the typical role generate as well as convert leads. To make your CTA work, it must be a part of a well-executed inbound strategy. In software and IT market, the most effective and customer based e-commerce website are built, and some SaaS-based e-commerce software is providing free themes with advanced e-commerce features. To check the performance of your CTA, there are certain key metrics such as “Click-through rate”, “Click-to-submission rate”, and “View-to-submission rate” to be tracked.

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Be Proficient in Conversion Optimization to Succeed in your Ecommerce Business

Business conversion optimization is difficult as the percentage of conversion is unpredictable. As business owners and digital marketers know the value of website conversion rates, they focus on improving the marketing strategies for increased conversion rates.

It is important to learn how to optimize your e-commerce business, and thereby, how to increase your conversion rate.

1. Observe your Google Analytics Data

Google analytics data is very crucial to understand how your website conversion process is going on. It helps to check the traffic in your site, bounce rates and much more.

In Google analytics, you will get more data about user behavior on your site, CTR, traffic source, devices, location, website flow and other similar data points. In all these, data help you set up your goals, create a list of weak conversion points, run A/B testing process and then implement all processes on your websites to get reflected in your conversion process.

An analysis of your target audience is also necessary to optimize your website and set up the campaign process.

2. Customer feedback

Collect all customer feedback and requirements after an analysis of your product purchases and check your website user interface. After gathering all valid information, recognise the pros and cons to get an idea about the changes required and the expectations from the customer end. But here, the difficult process is to get customer feedback. Let us find out some of the distinct ways to obtain feedback from customers.

The following are some of the methods to get feedback from the customers.

Pop-up Window
Survey questions
Feedback call to action
Livechat customer support
Phone customer support

3. A/B testing

A/B testing is when you experiment with two or more pages at the same time and various locations and then compare the data to see which page performs the best for your business.

In A/B testing, you need to check the following.

Call to action
Video content
Headline content
Image optimization
Copy content checking
User interspace
Page layout

How to test your landing pages? Need to follow some testing rules.

Step 1 : Create a landing page.
Step 2 : Create a page variant.
Step 3 : Name the variation page.
Step 4 : Change the element you wish to test (CTA, image copy, headline)
Step 5 : Analyze the A/A test results.

Regular conversion rate optimization helps to drive repeat business and enhance brand engagement and interaction. Optimization is the daily process of the digital marketing team and it not easy. Despite the chances of failing in the attempts, it has highly significant advantages when done right.

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Primary online shopping cart software tool

Uniecommerce has two primary online shopping cart tools – Uniecommerce Ecommerce Software and Ecommerce Enterprise software. Both Ecommerce Softwares are designed using most advanced technologies, reliable features and several options. A detailed overview about the every edition have given below will help you to make a perfect choice for your needs.
Ecommerce tools
Uniecommerce is an exclusive Ecommerce Software a wide range of shopping cart projects – from small-scale markets to large scale markets. Quick setup of online store, ease of product management and rapid growth is available in uniecommerce software. Attractive themes, powerful CMS, flexible product, advanced WYSIWYG editors, Multiple payment gateways, transaction management, excellent shipping and tracking management.

Business peoples who planning to start an e-commerce store, where multiple vendors can manage their own online sales through a single web store, our Multi-Vendor Software is a perfect choice. With its unique multi-vendor functionality, unmatched experience of using a toolkit, this solution actually hardly has an alternative in the modern ecommerce software industry.

Ecommerce Software and Ecommerce enterprise Software ensures ultimate performance and can increase the reliability of e-commerce website while managing many products. Due to the full support of the cloud-based server, Uniecommerce Software provides the unmatched shopping experience.
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Reasons of why you need to pick a Ecommerce SAAS model

In 2017, SaaS (Software-as-a-service) has become the most popular and leading model in the Ecommerce Software industry. A Saas Ecommerce Software platform is fit for some organizations and specific industries whereas it is not suitable for enterprise and top level companies.

saas software as a service concept with laptop and poster

Cloud Hosting & Version Updates

In SaaS model, all the processes and software are hosted on the cloud-based platform. So, it does not require an additional server maintenance investment for storage and software updates. Moreover, the cloud system provides all necessary updates in server and applications.

Manage Store from Anywhere

Yes, if you want to change products listing or do any other modifications in your online store, you can manage or edit it from anywhere. All you need is the username and password, and you are ready to modify the store as you wish. You can manage your store from mobile as well.

Quick Development

In this model, online store development is very quick. Here, you get a customized online store within 15 days. You get to edit the store logo, product uploads, website content changes, Coupon code creation, payment gateways, shipping management, store management and so forth.

Reasons of why you need to pick a SAAS model

* Using SAAS model, it is not required to buy the whole software; all you need to do is to pay it on a monthly basis.

* There is no need to get into the basics of the software. You have to just drag and drop the interface, and hence it is very user friendly and accessible.

* SaaS is quite scalable.

* You will get an access to all features and functionalities you need.

There is no doubt that a SaaS Ecommerce software is more efficient and cost effective than many other e-commerce software platforms. Recently, most of the retail business owners and mid-level businesses are going for a SaaS-based website, and Uniecommerce introduces its SaaS-based e-commerce software called Jallicart with a 15-day free trial pack.

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Amazon to buy the MENA Online store retailer SOUQ.COM

Souq is most famous E-commerce platform in around the MENA Countries. initially an auction website after that to change the Online shopping site similar to the amazon website with a marketplace.


In 2014 raised $75 million from the South Africa based Naspers and various countries. online shopping platform sells consumer electronics, fashion, Home appliances and etc.. so that on its website to being the biggest e-commerce portal in the MENA ( Arab ). Inc. and India’s Flipkart Online Services Pvt both are planning to acquires MENA based after that U.S Online retail Amazon entered talk with  last year in a deal that would have been worth about $1 billion.

“ claims to command 78% of all e-commerce traffic in the MENA region, and with online purchases accounting for only 1 to 2% of regional retail sales, there is a tremendous opportunity for growth.

The Dubai-based firm offers 8.4 million products on its site, having recently begun selling books and groceries.

Amazon, a global giant, offers an estimated 40 million products.

The deal also comes few days after Emaar Malls, which is headed by Dubai billionaire Mohamed Alabbar, confirmed that it made an offer to acquire, challenging the bid from

Source :

Yes, Amazon acquired the Chinese Ecommerce online shopping portal to establish in china in the early day of online shopping platform and can take experience to better manage the growth in the MiddleEast

“Amazon is clearly interested in tapping into growth in emerging markets.”

Yes We have good opportunity to upgrade your e-commerce store with advanced & unique features of E-commerce software like ( Unlimited vendor, Wallet, Customer support Payment gateways, various sales channel )
In Ecommerce software market, You have the to buy the ready-made e-commerce software to upgrade your online store.

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Improve Online Store Business With Social Media

Social media is taken up by many brands to bring in sales to their business. Just a mere budget and blind notion would not work out. A poor social media projection would leave you to lose business to competitors.

Beautiful young woman using a mobile phone

Here’s some inspiring advice from the professionals of this niche:


Audience’s Favorite platform:


There are multiple channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., Do you actually focus on the one that is apt for your audience or do you do it in general? Yes, we do it in general. But, how many of us focus on the favorite platform of the audience or the place where your customers’ spend most of their times? Concentrating on such platforms with content marketing and targeted advertising, will bring in enormous results. Peg Fitzpatrick, a well- known social media expert suggests that it is good to focus on one or two effective social media channels than on every medium that’s available.


A Compiling Identity:


For a sassy reputation, focus on enticing content that attracts the attention of the customers. The ones that start conversations, grab customers’ interest and sharing of breaking news kind of content will surely contribute to the next level of business.


Re-targeting- Still the key:


When you have really good customer base and you re-target them, there are higher chances that there will be an upgrade in sales. With effective usage of CRM, target the exact customers with their purchase behavior and other effective factors. Social media should be used in a way that it tempts the existing customers to buy again from you.


Make the most with an App:


Use social media in a way that it directs the visitors to your mobile app. Your content and media used should be in such a way that it exerts a pull on the visitors to click on and visit your app. From there you can focus on how to attract them to purchase from your app.


Social media is one of the most powerful tool to convert your customers. Some ecommerce software come with the social media feature that is highly advantageous. Make the most of it by showcasing interactive and enticing information in the right social media platforms.

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What Do Online Sellers Need to Know About Mobile Optimization Tacticts 2017

The existing pattern about SEO purely deals with the desktop first world thereby ignoring mobile optimization. This is one of the important things that online sellers need to understand if they are to take branding of their ecommerce website to an elevated level. If you believe Google brings you business, then here’s something for you; it’s not too late for Google to launch its core mobile- friendly update.


Priorly, Google had launched the ‘Mobilegeddon’ update initiating mobile-friendly websites. Yet, there’s one core point to understand. Desktop sites are ranked based on the content of mobile version of the site. Such is the significance of mobile-friendly websites.

Google has not yet started the Mobile- First Index update yet. But, it will roll-out in the end of 2017. There will obviously be only one index and that will be the Mobile- First one.

There are various types of mobile websites introduced in the past few years. These were found to improve the user- friendliness of websites to multi-folds.

The SEO changes Ecommerce Sellers must know:

  • Crawling JavaScript Sites:

There was really no affordable tool before the release of Screaming Frog version 6.0. This would render a client- side JavaScript. It is now possible to crawl as a mobile user. The content can also be rendered. In the recent versions only the “headless browser” was seen.

  • SPA Indexation:

Single Page Application the abbreviation of SPA. Mobile searchers will be directed to the requisite app by creating deep links within the app. This will help the Google discover app content and optimizes the app.

  • Mobile KWR for Answer Boxes:

Searching on mobile devices is different than in desktop. There are mid-tail keyword phrases that are suggested along with “people also ask” and “people also search for” options.

  • Geographic Inde

Geo is considered an important factor for mobile searches. Depending on that also SEO of ecommerce site should be done.

Mobile Ranking Factors:

  1. The speed of the website loading on the mobile

  2. Pop-ups should not be a distraction. It needs to be limited in size when used on mobile

  3. For mobile ranking, the core factor is user- interface

  4. Last but not the least, crawling is one of the biggest concern to be considered

This year, let ecommerce sellers focus on addressing websites that have mobile- friendly related issues. This will surely incline sales of the Multi-vendor shopping cart software business to a positive side.

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The App Technology To Elevate Restaurant Sales

The Nation’s Restaurant News has recently reported that as more and more restaurants are keen on engaging their customers, digital ordering and the app technology is becoming the key for success. Another analysis by the NPD Group suggested that the market is growing in double digits due to digital ordering.


The total traffic to restaurant is occupied 3% by digital ordering. This may also be equated as 1.9 billion visits as per The NDP group. Though it is suggested that the major chains alone follow the mobile ordering, The NDP group suggests that there is enormous growth opportunity for this technology.

Mobile app technology is sure to improve the customer experience to the next new level. Riggs from a famous analysis team suggests that with the chain dominated nature of this business, digital ordering would be a big hit. With online food ordering system being mandatory, customers would definitely want your restaurant to have one. If not, they may change their mind to prefer another restaurant that has online ordering.

An interesting fact found by the NPD group is that the most often ordered meal via the food delivery software is the dinner. Almost 50% of the digital orders are dinners says a survey. People with families use online restaurant ordering system more. Around 35 % of the people with children make online food orders.

The above- average users, the ones under the age of 35, use digital ordering. The people who have higher household incomes also are a criteria in ordering food online.

A lot of Africans and Americans prefer online food ordering system than the other country citizens.

There are many people who place online orders via website. Besides the mobile restaurant ordering system is growing at a faster pace. Hence, it definitely all about the mobile application for technology.

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Restaurant Technology Trends To Stay On Track

From innovating new delicacies to purchasing extraordinarily attractive bowls and plates to serve, restaurant industry is constantly looking for ways to improvise standards and sales. Customers come first in place in any business and there’s no wonder in this too. While business improvisations stands in one side, tracking business is yet another important factor to cope up in the hospitality industry.


So as it goes,

Tracking of customer base:

The old school handwritten notes to track your customers are outdated ages back and that completely agreed.  Hospitality business when checked with closer insights through the CRM- the smarter way to track. This is available in the online food ordering system. Booking tables, providing guest data and integrating with the latest POS systems. Track easily and target customers in the most perfect way.

POS in the IOS form:

From the old days, for many Food and Beverage business, POS has been core for all business. It has also evolved a lot in the recent times. It has given a user- friendly journey from reporting to segregation on the whole. Its definitely a win- win for restaurants. Just the hardware will get updated on a regular basis. Now it is a sleek hardware that the total F&B industry is trying to turn its head to. It is the IOS for POS systems.

Mobile Payments are On the go:

Important devices weren’t fitting into your pockets. That’s not the case now. Everything can be confined to a small place. Payments were first done with your wallets. Now smartphones serve as wallets. Now mobile wallets are becoming more popular and are widely used. With the integration of payment gateways it has become more convenient.

These are the most important things to note in a FoodPanda clone to stay on track. Follow the new trends that are quickly listed and tell us how your results are!

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