Ways to Implement Technology for a Successful Restaurant Business

Technology plays a major role in various industries of which the restaurant industry needs to adopt the technique of transforming the traditional method of operations to an advanced and easy one using technology. Technology can assist by reducing operational costs, risks of crowd handling, manpower and increasing order frequency and customer loyalty.

Easy Order Placement via Mobile Ordering, Customer Apps, and Digital Signage

With the advent of technology in modern times, the consumer can utilize online menus, online ordering and online reservation system to browse menus, order food or drinks, and enjoy a convenient dining experience. Restaurants also offer mobile apps for the customer to place order and pick it up while on the go saving much time. Digital boards make it way too easy to change price and menus than manually changing it.

Advanced Mode of Payments for Effortless User Experience

The rate of going cashless has considerably increased as consumers have transferred their mode of payment to digital transactions. By implementing the cashless method of payments in restaurants, a large number of consumers tend to choose your restaurant as it has no hassles of waiting in queues for payment processing.

Ensuring Safety by Installing CCTV camera for 24×7 Surveillance

By installing digital cameras in the food preparation areas and other workplace malpractices and non-compliance can be easily detected and the decorum along with the genuine functioning of the hotel can be well maintained. New technologies along with LED lights in work areas and alongside heat equipment where slippage may occur contributes to hazard reduction.

Cloud Based Point-of-sale Technology

Compared to the large upfront cost and the limitations of a closed architecture that costs much with limited features, the Point-of-sale Technology is an advanced option for easy maintenance of the restaurant as it cuts down on pricing. It not only cuts down on costs but also offers various user-friendly features like wallet integration, online ordering and many other loyalty programs making it easy for the customer to access and place orders and the restaurant to streamline the services with the best customer service.

Regardless of the industry, technology evolves so quickly and has always known to support both the customers and the business. On the other hand, technology does fail at times but success totally depends on how swift the restaurant rectifies the hiccup and bounces back to normal.

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Most Common Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment

Most of the e-commerce stores witness Shopping Cart Abandonment problems that act as a threat to the downfall of the business. Shopping cart abandonment happens when shoppers browse and select their items and put it in their online shopping cart but leave the site before completing their purchase.


Let us find below the common factors that lead to Shopping Cart Abandonment.

Compulsive Registration for Creating New Account

Shoppers having to create a new account in order to register and enter information in various fields make it a hectic task for many customers. By providing a guest checkout option, users can complete the purchase in a simple manner and the merchant can cut down the number of dropouts drastically.

Lengthy and Perplexing Check-Out Procedure

Customers lose interest on a product even at the checkout page occasionally because they are asked to fill long and confusing pages of information in order to place a order. With multiple steps from the cart to check out makes the customer frustrated and abandon the order.

Customer Conducts Price Comparison with other E-commerce Stores

Customer goes through the website and checks the same product in another e-commerce website for better offers and discounts. If a different website offers the product for a lower pricing, customer abandons the cart and places the order in the other e-commerce store.

Shopper Adds to Cart to Purchase Later

Customers at times purchase a product to gift a friend or a relative for a special occasion on a later date. They browse through the online store to purchase it later and hence add it to the cart but later abandon the cart due to several reasons.

Expensive Shipping Rates and Delayed Shipping Time

Shoppers abandon their carts when they see the expensive shipping rates and taxes that are included in the total. Products that offer free shipping are much preferred than ones with shipping charges. Most often the delayed shipping time also serves to be one of the reasons for the cancellation of orders.

Lack of Multiple Payment Options

Most of the cart abandonment problems in a multi vendor shopping cart software faced by online businesses are due to the lack of multiple payment options. Online shoppers abandon their potential purchase when their preferred payment option is unavailable.

Ways to Minimize Shopping Cart Abandonment

  • By making navigation and checkout process simple

  • Adding the shipping charge to the price of the product to ensure shipping is made free

  • Eliminating hidden costs or additional charges

  • Offering multiple payment and shipping options to cater to the convenience of the shopper

  • Sending reminder emails to customers on pending items in their cart

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Restaurant Online Food Ordering Systems

Go digital is the mantra that is being followed in the recent times due to demonetization. By just having an internet connection on your PC or smartphone, shopping, booking cinema tickets or flight and train tickets online has become a cake walk. The recently developed apps for online food ordering is remarkably a time saving and simple process. Of late the Online Food Ordering System plays an eminent role in the food service industry.


Why Should your restaurant offer an Online Food Ordering System?

Offering an online food delivery platform to your customer base conveys that your restaurant is modern and wants to be easily accessible for all your guests. Drawing more number of customers for a restaurant requires a lot of advertisement. The target crowd may not be interested in allocating time amidst their busy schedule to visit a restaurant and discover what it offers. By using the food ordering system online, one can thoroughly explore the menu items being at home or at office and place orders more conveniently. The chances where a restaurant receives orders using this system are considerably high as it sports a high awareness of the brand which in turn drives more revenue.

Highly Time Saving and User-friendly

Knowing the availability of your favorite dish and choosing from the varieties, this system lets you have a satisfying meal. By tagging a food delivery software to the online food ordering system you can have your food delivered to the place where you are. It allows you to place your order and pick up food as per your convenience instead of waiting in long queues. By offering this system to customers, the restaurant managers can expect a rise in their business as it promotes the brand identity extensively.

Easily customizable to fit your needs and the needs of your customers

The online food ordering option is easily accessible in smartphones and is completely customizable according to your requirements. It comes with a GPS tracker that helps the customers to locate nearby restaurants. The mobile app displays restaurants the menu, price and suitable filters to filter menu items. Customers are allowed to post their reviews and suggestions that persuade others to place orders and the suggestions also help to improve the quality of the restaurant.

With the use of technology for various industries, the idea of implementing Online Food Ordering System  in restaurants has made way for easy, cashless, safe, and secure payment options for customers. By seeking the apt customer attention using this technology, it is sure to elevate the sales graph of your restaurant to a whole new level.

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How to increase restaurant business sales?

Every business goes through a series of innovation every now and then. The same applies for a restaurant kind of business. Managers are keen on innovating new ideas to serve or sell food better to customers. From selling meals in physical restaurant chains to food trucks to online food ordering, restaurant business has evolved through the times.


Here are some tips you can implement to improve restaurant sales business:


The youngsters or millennials would top your active list of customers. For a friction-less experience, target this young blood group. Millennials are those who are social, use mobile more and can communicate about your business if they are satisfied. Give intensive offers to this lot and see your business sales rise!

Focus On Up-selling:

Up selling should not be taken so lightly. A customer would love to have an extra fries or an ice-cream with a extra bucks on his bill. Innovate ways in which this could be done.  For eg: A few extra buys and they win a movie ticket tonight. These may be small things but would count to something big when seen collectively.

The Mobile Business:

Your customers may belong to the club of people who use mobile phones first in the morning and/ till they hit the bed. So, if you are thinking of being in constant touch with your customers, then tap the mobile market in an effective way. The 5-6 inch screen is a mode for your customers to bring business for your restaurant. Why not implement the interactive mobile restaurant ordering system?

Connect Socially:

According to a recent survey made with a small sample set of people, more than 1200 people accepted that they prefer to make their dinner or lunch-out decision with social media reviews and Newsfeed. To hit sales the social way, you can post interesting offers, deals, festive related stuffs. Involve in a local event or even better to conduct one! Talk about your menu and post mouth- watering pictures that would indulge customers to grab a meal at your restaurant, right away.

Tap Technology:

Upgrade your business with technology. Bring the internet technology in. Do you offer pick-up and delivery options? Then, why don’t you take it online. Yes, I am talking about the online food ordering system. Load it with some super- awesome features to entice your customers and make it user- friendly. It is believed that the 90% of customers who order online once will come for a repeated business with you.

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Demonetisation of 500 and 1000 Rupee Notes – Boon or Bane for the E-commerce Sector

The unexpected move of demonetising 500 and 1000 rupee notes was accompanied by a startling number of sequels in the eCommerce sector. Though not significant enough, the movement definitely showed a mounting trend on the digital front.

With cash transactions suffering a reduction, there was an increase in demand for alternative forms of payment including online transactions using e-banking and credit or debit cards, digital transaction systems, e-wallets and others. This has in turn, led to a progress in the online purchasing of several basic consumer products as means of .


While we see an increase in the number of online orders, there has also been a large percentage of returns in the cash on delivery (COD) orders due to unavailability of cash. With several popular eCommerce stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm and Snapdeal crippling the COD option for many of their items, they will have to provide alternate means of payment to customers for all orders opted with cash on delivery during the period of demonetisation.

With the not-very-positive ripples of demonetisation still in presence, there will be a considerable increase in demand for digital payment options. If this rise in the digital payments during the period continue to exist even after everything falls into place, the e-commerce companies will have substantial reasons to rejoice upon. It is still uncertain if the ban will pave way for more and more payments moving to digital. The e-commerce companies are hoping that demonetization will inspire more people to move online.

E-commerce companies cheer the decision of ceasing the usage of 500 and 1000 rupee notes as a precursor to an increase in digital payments. However, as the majority of online orders in the country fall under the category of cash on delivery, it remains to be seen whether the unanticipated liquidation of the 500 and 1000 rupee notes will emerge with a positive note for the e-commerce industry.

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How this festival season helps to increase eCommerce sales volume as expected?

According to many market statistics says, until 2015 it was 56.43 billion dollars using desktop retail sales volume in the United states. Though which is in 2nd place of selling position when compared with In-store sales volume at the same time % of mobile and tablet viewers have also been increasing year on year.


Let’s discuss the statistics point, why people are jumping into the online purchase? ‘Cause It as simple as easy going to store and purchasing products in a store. No need to stand on Que and of course the online e-commerce stores are selling products in discounted price and the selected products we can use our coupon to scratch discounts. Still, most of the websites having many types of payment methods to get products in the estimated timeline, using credit/debit cards and also cash on delivery.


So to run a online store for the targeted customers, which is never been an easy task to any startup, medium and even to the enterprise level companies. Even though we will be able to quickly find out many marketplace software available to attract ecommerce sellers who want to merchandise their products. But when it comes to real time scenario if you think to buy one ecommerce software, you will get only desktop version and you may not get an option to sell your products in the festival time using coupon/discounts. When it comes to merchandise your products ordered by your specific categories again there will be lots of mismatch to ordering your products by your specialized categories and subcategories. Now, if you likes to bring all in one place you will be ended up paying more money as you may not have that in your budget.

Which is why we at Uniecommerce, specially designed our products based on the industry statistics with our expert team’s support carefully crafted our products along with all above said features, functionality uniquely available. Get Uniecommerce and give a Happy Shopping Experience to your customers in this special time.

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E-Commerce Customer Business Models – B2B Vs B2C

In the ever-changing market scenario and business needs, there is a massive growth in 2016 in the customer count who use “Online Ecommerce Store” to purchase electronic products, clothing, accessories and others. There are two major categories of ecommerce business models subjected to the types of customers served.


The difference between the two reclines primarily on the “The Customer” while having a common business sales process and marketing programs.

Business-to-Customer Vs Business-to-Business

  1. Size of market
  2. Purchasing process
  3. Sales Process
  4. Cost of Sales
  5. Purchase Decision
  6. The Value of Brand
  7. LifeTime Customer Value

Size of Market

B2C – This is typically a broad market with enormous sales prospects in the ecommerce industry.

B2B – In terms of the number of customers, B2B is a small vertical market but with large sales prospects.

Purchasing process

B2C – It includes a purchasing process of selling products directly to customers in which no decision makers are involved.

B2B – The buying process in a B2B market is a complex and usually longer process with more number of people involved.

Sales Process

B2C – Usually related to selling products directly to the customers, the sales approach in B2C model follows the traditional process of “Convincing the Customer”.

B2B – Involving more than one individual in the process of selling products from one business to another, the sales approach here is typically a “Two-step” process.

Cost Process

B2C – The cost of sales is comparatively lower except for a few customer purchases that have high price points including car, home, gold and the like.

B2B – The selling costs are costlier than B2C model as “Higher Value” purchases usually cost thousand dollars to millions of dollars.

Purchase Decision

B2C – As the purchasing behavior of the consumers relies on the quality and convenience it focusses more on the emotional perspective of the buyers.

B2B – The buying decisions are based on business value as buyers approach with a rational thinking of increasing revenue and reducing costs.

The Value of brand

B2C – Popularising brand identity is increasingly important in B2C market involving several advertising strategies.

B2B – Brand identity in B2B market is created through personal relations and consultative selling.

Lifetime Customer value

B2C – The lifetime customer value is lower due to the lower cost of individual sales with less likelihood of repeat sales.

B2B – Here, lifetime value of b2b customers are much higher due to the increased cost of sales and the possibility of repeat sales.

It is significant to analyze the customer model that best suits your products and plan your marketing strategy including sales strategy, brand promotion and social media promotions. Numerous ecommerce solutions are available in the ecommerce software market platform that really helps to automate your marketing & sales process.

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Ways To Secure Your Ecommerce Website

Creating an ecommerce site is now easy like never before. With the multi-vendor shopping cart software, developing an ecommerce platform is totally simple. What should be of concern is the security of the site. Here are some useful ways you can implement:


Logo and company name should be Trademarked:

Copycat-ING or misusing a company’s name has become common in the current day. To avoid this, it must be given the trademark which protects the brand against future copiers, knockoffs, infringes. This keeps your brand to be protected by law.


To establish an encrypted link between a web browser and a server, use the standard technology Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This makes the ecommerce site integral and private. The possibility of fraudulent modifications and man-in-the-middle attacks can be drastically reduced.

Check For Unpatched Applications:

Hackers always aim at the site that has unpatched applications. Keep the backend software of ecommerce completely updated in order to stop threat attacks. This is a completely important step when security of an ecommerce site is taken under consideration.

PCI DSS compliant is a must:

When your ecommerce site is PCI DSS compliant then there is no need to worry about unnecessary hacking of the website. If online payment takes place via the online store, then this complaint would be of good help to maintain security.

Set up strong passwords:

Never let a loophole for frauds and hackers to acquire your site’s information. Set up strong passwords that cannot be hacked. A strong password should contain uppercase and lowercase letters combined with numbers and symbols.

Take time in choosing the right ecommerce software for your online business in order to give a profitable and secure environment for your customers.

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Optimize Google Shopping Campaigns : E-commerce

In E-commerce business, Online marketing it’s more importance source for engaging your targeted peoples as well as sales conversion also and we have more online marketing tools like ( Email Marketing, Social Media marketing, Online banner ads etc..)

Now, Online customer came to various sources but most of the conversion came from google ads, google shopping ads and google organic search .

Google Shopping Ads:

Once you optimize SEO friendly(Optimized metadata, keywords, website content)  site it really helps to get more organic results so that you will reach targeted audiences.

One more golden opportunity for getting more audience in “Google Shopping ads” with the low budget amount that really helps to get more no of conversion rates.

More Common Factors to customer engage your e-commerce platforms

1.  Products Image

2. Discounts on the products

3. Product price

4. Locality

5. Reviews

 advantages of optimizing your site strongly or optimize your text ads on Google Adwords . It really helps get rank in google search engine and google ads as well as get more CTR ( Click-through-Rate)

Benefits of Google Shopping Ads:

1. More no.of products to focused.

2. Easily fine tune your google shopping ads so more comfort.

3. Multiple relevant products & pricing.

4. Increase web traffic & sales conversions.

5. Targeted audience.

6. display your products on smartphones and tablets.

7. Brand promotion & visibility.

8. Broad reach & Lower Click Costs

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Benefits of best support payment gateways for ecommerce software applications

Payment gateway integration is an essential feature of marketing and online sales management which every website needs, the current trend being online purchase. The feature enables to provide customers with more of the customs facilities including “Payment Offers”, “Offer Coupons”, “Online Billing” and “Credit Card Payments”.


Online payment gateways facilitate secured and fast transactions always adequately protected with proper data encryption, ensuring the information is passed securely between the customer and the merchant.

Integrating payment gateways with e-commerce platforms poses the greatest challenge of choosing the best suited payment gateway method that acts as a secured link between the vendor and the customer. The integral part of attracting global customers to your ecommerce business resides in creating the transaction process a reliable and smooth one.

Benefits of Payment Gateways

  • Payments – With only the requirement of an internet connection, payment gateways provide anytime, anywhere access.

  • Security – Fail-proof transaction process with highly secured banking login credentials with cash refunds for failed payments.

  • E-Commerce – The best and most convenient payment service offered to both merchants and online shoppers.

  • Time Management – With the matter of a few seconds, the right payment gateway method will save you both time and money.

How to identify the payment gateway that best supports your ecommerce platform or software?

With the growing number of online shoppers and equal number of ecommerce websites, the task of attracting visitors to the site proves to be extremely harder to achieve. It counts on the extend of reliability that you provide your customers while purchasing your product and thus, the payment platform for online transactions. Leave the scope in your ecommerce site for a SaaS-based or self-hosted platform to integrate all major payment gateways.

Paypal – Paypal is a highly recognized and widely used payment gateway solution provider for all web and mobile payments with no setup or monthly fees but with numerous add-ons for the customers.

2CheckOut – 2checkout accepts multiple payment methods including credit cards, debit cards and Paypal making every transaction easy and flexible.

CCAvenue – It supports maximum payment options and multiple currency processing to deliver a more localised buying experience and reach a wider audience with bank EMI Options, net banking, mobile banking, cards and much more.

Google Wallet – It presents an easy method to receive and transfer money instantly from your cards, bank account and wallet balance through a well-encrypted and secure payment channel.

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